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Custom Mech Wars

Dec 14, 2023 - PC, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Custom Mech Wars

Overall, Custom Mech Wars is a mediocre mecha game that gets the customization somewhat right but fails on dealing with how the combat should work. While the Earth Defense Force games have their low budget infused charm, they are at least fun to play. Custom Mech Wars sadly lacks this redeeming feature and is just an arduous chore.

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Custom Mech Wars is all about construction and experimentation. There’s a dense system for putting mechs together, and all of it feels friendly and approachable. You have a ton of options, a lot of freedom, and multiple ways to test things out. But that’s sort of where the good times dry up. The campaign is crazy boring otherwise, and the multiplayer options are equally threadbare. If you can get a good group together for playing online, you might find more fun than I did. But on your own, Custom Mech Wars has limited appeal. If you’ve got a lot of mechs in your heart begging to be built, you’re in for a good time. Otherwise I can’t really recommend this game.

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5 / 10.0

Custom Mech Wars is an underwhelming mech game that's plagued by issues like repetitive mission design, a boring story, and an underwhelming visual presentation. There's a glimmer of hope within its customization options and certain gameplay sections, but those aren't nearly enough to redeem this game.

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Custom Mech Wars is a fun game if you like to create and test mechs and repeat this cycle over and over again. It is a title aimed at this niche player and, in addition, it lacks important options such as publishing your mechs online or a wider variety of scenarios in the campaign. I hope D3Publisher sticks with the idea, as it has the potential to be something special.

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I really wanted to love Custom Mech Builder. Earth Defense Force and customizable giant robots is everything I should want. Alas, Custom Mech Builder doesn't have much going for it. If you like creating giant anime robots to smash enemies, there are better choices. If you like over-the-top explosion-fests, there are better options. Pretty much the only thing Custom Mech Builder has going for it is how easy it is to make a bullet train with drill arms, but that amusement quickly wears out its welcome. As a budget $20 title, Custom Mech Wars might be worth the cost for the amusing builder, but mech fans can find better games that cost less.

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I’m in a bit of a tricky spot reaching a verdict on Custom Mech Wars. I like the concept, I like the tone, and the customization is a lot of fun. All of that is attached to a dull gameplay loop though. Truly dull, just thinking about it I’m getting tired. Am I going to continue playing Custom Mech Wars once this review is done? No, at least not alone. Maybe with some friends I could see myself diving back in. I’d certainly be interested in future games with the ‘Omega Customization’ idea attached. Should you buy Custom Mech Wars? Possibly, at some point. I think that this could fill the role of a light time-waster, if you go in with appropriate expectations. If you’re really into customization and creative tools in games, then it might be worth a look just for that. If you’re a fan of EDF, then there is some potential for enjoyment here. It’s better than EDF: Iron Rain, if that counts for anything.

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If all you want is mindless mecha fun where you can drop into a mission and destroy waves of enemies without a second thought, Custom Mech Wars is the game for you. If you're really looking for a meaty mecha game with lots of worthwhile content, please for the love of all things mecha, just get Armored Core 6 Fires Of Rubicon instead.

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Custom Mech Wars isn’t really a bad game, but it gets wrong the one thing that makes it really shine by not letting players have access to the parts fast enough. It’s really fun to create some crazy mech and just go out there and blast all your foes to bits during the missions, but when you have to use the same ones for most of the game because you don’t have enough parts to make what you really want, it gets a little frustrating. I’d have a hard time recommending this one at the full $49.99 price tag, but if you catch it on sale, there is some fun to be had here. It took me around 13 hours to beat all of the missions on normal mode, and you could put a ton more in if you wanted to grind out all the parts to make the really cool mechs. Hopefully, they continue to patch the game a bit more and allow players access to more fun stuff to build their crazy creations with faster.

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