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The Universim

Jan 22, 2024 - PC
88 / 100
4.2 / 5
7.5 / 10
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7.5 / 10
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The Universim Release Trailer

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The Universim 1.0 Full Release Gameplay Trailer

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Critic Reviews for The Universim

In ways, The Universim reminds me of Populous and Black and White god games. One thing is clear the developers have put their heart and soul into the game. While not everything is perfect I’ve enjoyed playing The Universim. Furthermore, with the procedurally generated worlds, no two playthroughs will be the same in The Universim, so there is lots of replayability

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The Universim is an amazing god sim that adds wit and humor into the genre, creating an addictive game that is so much fun. There are some teething issues that have mild quality of life problems, but with a team being so willing to listen to fans and work with them to make improvements and tweaks where needed. Beyond this, however, The Universim is an amazing game. The progression between eras feels natural and strong, the skill tree for the world is fun to move through, and each research section takes the perfect amount of time to not be too long and boring. It is 100% worth checking out to those who are fans of simulators.

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The Universim does have a bug or two; however, the developers are very well aware of them and are actively working to fix and patch any bugs that come their way, with the latest patch titled the Day 1 Stability patch. The game is built with a clear passion and determination to create an experience in the way of the creation myth and is definitely worth giving a shot. Build a utopia with harmony between nature and nuggets, or rush through with a wrathful touch; the power of life and creation is literally in your hands in this simulation.

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I quite enjoyed The Universim, although I am unlikely to return to this title any time soon. I recommend this title, although I should note that it is not for those looking for a challenge or something more dynamic. It is just such a relaxing economic strategy with a few divine additions.

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The Universim is proof that it is possible to emerge from a long period of early access. The title offers a successful divine simulation experience with an original art direction. Difficulty is high, but the game remains accessible even for new players. All in all, the experience is a positive one, even if a few aspects, such as in-game speed and a tutorial that's not always easy to follow, still need a little fine-tuning. I'd recommend this title mainly to regulars of the genre.

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Universim brings an entertaining personality to a god-like game. It's a breath of fresh air with an outstanding balance of difficulty, creativity, and witty presentation from start to finish.

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