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Graphite Lab, Atari
Feb 20, 2024 - PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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Critic Reviews for qomp2

If anything, I’m grateful to qomp2 for introducing me to the concept, and eventually to experiencing the first qomp. I can see why that game hit the way it did, and inspired Atari to pick it up and try its own version. It’s a cool subversion of one of gaming’s oldest-standing innovators. But it feels shortsighted to hand the project off to a different set of hands, when the first set is the one that made the magic happen in the first place. And there’s genuine effort here, but the vibes are off, man.

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qomp2 is a delightful retro romp that answers all the questions you ever had about the Pong ball, and is packed full of creative mechanics.

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Qomp2 is a wonderful puzzler that is packed with innovation. It’s a refreshing twist on a beloved classic and serves up unexpected elements from start to finish. With bosses, switches and much more, this game of patience and skills is a blast. While it’s only a short ride and lacks real replay value, each bounce is a joy due to its sleek design and intuitive gameplay. I truly hope that this sparks a new wave of spiritual sequels, rejuvenating iconic Atari titles, much like what this game accomplishes for Pong.

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qomp 2 is an excellent and worthy reimaging of Pong that honours the classic arcade game's legacy while providing a unique experience for folks with no nostalgia for Atari's seminal masterpiece. It offers a consistently interesting and engaging means of traversal with a great variety of obstacles and puzzles to overcome throughout the 30 stages. We would have liked a few more levels in the end, but this is really just an indication of the quality on display here. If you're into quirky action-focused puzzlers with a unique hook, then qomp 2 is definitely worth your attention.

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Overall, qomp2 is simple yet thought-provoking. It's challenging but not unforgiving. With its smooth controls and accessibility options, you can play this game however you want.

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qomp2 is truly a remarkable follow-up to its predecessor, despite being so short in length. This game is like a never-ending present, constantly surprising players with its secrets, collectibles, and challenging puzzles at every turn. The inclusion of bosses is an unexpected and fantastic addition, serving as the ultimate test of your skills and knowledge acquired throughout each chapter. Whether you’re a fan of action puzzles or simply seeking a game with a satisfying level of difficulty, I’d highly recommend qomp2.

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qomp2's peculiar movement scheme is, at the same time, its biggest differentiator as a puzzle and platformer, but also a possible source of frustration. With coherent mechanics, but little varied visuals and a creative potential that is not explored as it could be, it is a title that will please lovers of the genre while it lasts, as long as they do not expect something striking or surprising.

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Bouncing a ball off paddles, through corridors, and around danger makes for a two or three-hour runtime that doesn't overstay its welcome and manages to hold your attention throughout. There's a familiarity to the proceedings that's deceptively comfortable, and therein lies qomp2's greatest trick: it feels like something you've played, but you haven't. And while I don't have a problem with going back to Pong for a few rounds, I was happy to invest significantly more time than that in this oddly-named psuedo-sequel.

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