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Soul Axiom

Wales Interactive Ltd.
Feb 29, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Soul Axiom

Despite an impressive variety in art direction and environments, Soul Axiom's puzzle design is shallow and frustrating.

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Overall, Soul Axiom is a painful experience.

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Having played a few of Wales Interactive games, Soul Axiom is a disappointing release from a studio that is capable of better. Muddled in with the disjointed story and an uninteresting cast of characters, there are a few glimpses of genius design that only serve to highlight the lacklustre moments that surround them. Soul Axiom tries to discuss the subject of the soul, but doesn't have one itself.

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Souls Axiom is an interesting title. It explores an unconventional concept to that of most games, and the puzzles are challenging and vary in design. The story is unique but it can be difficult to follow at first as you will become confused by the unusual cutscenes that play at the end of each level. If you persevere with the game, though, it is a rewarding experience that will offer you plenty of content. Collectables don't feel tacked on and they actually help to enrich the game's plot, something that is certainly a blessing with this one. Whether you're after a new puzzle title to get your brain whirring, or an indie game that doesn't possess a pixelated 2D artstyle, Soul Axiom may be worth a look.

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There's a lot going on around a game that doesn't really have a lot going on in it. At its core Soul Axiom is a first person puzzler with a minimalist look and feel and mostly underwhelming puzzles. While the game won't really draw you into its narrative or challenge your abilities, it does provide a pleasant stroll through an imaginary world. You don't have to play this game, but if you want to sit back and have someone walk you through a tale while having to pencil in a few puzzles along the way, then Wales Interactive have a story at the ready. It won't blow you away, but you should be entertained enough to appreciate the effort.

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Soul Axiom has some really interesting parts, but its whole is still something left to be desired.

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Wales Interactive's Tron-like puzzle game has great atmosphere, a compelling setting, and an engaging concept – but it's ultimately not that interesting to play. The story lacks pace and substance, while the puzzles are lacking in difficulty and nuance – especially given that the powers used to solve them quickly become tiresome.

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Initial intrigue brought upon by Soul Axiom's cool concept and sharp art design quickly tumble downhill when you discover that everything else is a rough, unsatisfying husk that disappoints in a way that brings out your frustration more than your anger. This is one poor soul.

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