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Paradox Interactive, C Prompt Studios
Mar 26, 2024 - PC

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Millennia - Official Pre-Purchase Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Millennia

A rough-edged but worthwhile spin on historical 4Xs that oddly leaves Civ's greatest flaws untouched.

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Millennia focuses too much on the ways it wants to mix up the Civilization formula without building the base of a strong Civ-like first.

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Millennia is a 4X game that's bursting with new ideas and ways to tackle the historical strategy genre. I enjoyed how regions grow and sprawl across the map, the management that this provides, and the alt-history ages provide some fun twists on reality, but Millennia also comes up short in some key areas and a number of concepts aren't fully explored. In particular, the aesthetics of the UI and the combat visualisation are very rough, the diplomacy lacking and there's certainly areas that C Prompt can and will hopefully improve.

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Truly, a game of paradox (pun intended). The concept of Ages is exciting but the way it is implemented forces players into science-focused gameplay. The system of resources is meant for hardcore player, but others like diplomacy and international economy are half-baked to say the least. This game wasn't ready for release.

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Unknown Author
7 / 10

Millennia is a budget 4X-strategy, the creators of which tried to improve the work of competitors. The result was not ideal, but the game still has that "addictive trait" that makes you want to keep experimenting.

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Millennia is a fresh take on the 4X genre that offers a reactive approach to building your nation throughout history, but a few key issues keep it from greatness.

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Millennia is an interesting, if flawed, take on the civilization-like experience that could be so much more with polish and time taken to it. It’s worth experiencing if you like these types of games, but it’s not going to revolutionize the genre, or dethrone Civilization anytime soon. With some polish and the right updates, it can get better, but for now it's a good, but flawed experience.

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Millennia's take on the historical 4X formula is fascinating, but the wonder wears off soon due to misplaced priorities and omissions that are hard to overlook.

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