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Sons of Valhalla

Pixel Chest, Hooded Horse
Apr 5, 2024 - PC

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Sons of Valhalla - Launch Date Trailer | Viking Era Action/Base-builder Strategy Game thumbnail

Sons of Valhalla - Launch Date Trailer | Viking Era Action/Base-builder Strategy Game

Sons of Valhalla | Kickstarter Launch Trailer thumbnail

Sons of Valhalla | Kickstarter Launch Trailer

Sons of Valhalla - Trailer #1 thumbnail

Sons of Valhalla - Trailer #1

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Critic Reviews for Sons of Valhalla

Sons of Valhalla is fun but can become repetitive. Thorald is a good fighter, and the game makes him powerful enough, especially with a well-chosen set of runes on his belt, to tangle solo with big enemy groups. But teamwork and good use of the shield wall are crucial when taking on opponents hiding behind fortifications. But combat never evolves beyond that and the settlement development system is equally limited. The getting-back-the-kidnapped-princess narrative is decent but doesn’t do anything new. Sons of Valhalla is pleasant in short bursts but greater depth for all its mechanics are needed to make it engaging for long periods.

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Heavily inspired by the Kingdom games, Sons of Valhalla is great fun — if not a little too unforgiving at times. It's seriously rewarding though, and the sort of thing we can imagine jumping back into time and time again.

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Sons of Valhalla successfully achieves a delicate balance between the action and real-time strategy elements, but it may be overwhelming for players who are not accustomed to this hybrid genre. Despite the difficulty level options, it can be frustrating for new players to endure the game and constantly lose and regain a base in repetitive cycles.

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Sons of Valhalla, which is pleasing to the eye with its pixel visuals and the Viking theme, appears as a game that does not fully utilize its potential and unfortunately drags itself into repetition.

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Sons of Valhalla cleverly combines several gameplay genres to create something utterly unique. Though the game can sometimes feel a bit slow, with its tanky enemies and low damage output, the beautiful graphics and addicting formula are sure to keep you playing for the long run as you rescue your love in this exciting Viking tale.

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Sons of Valhalla may be a Kingdom-like on the outside, but it’s one of the best to follow that formula, while also surpassing it in every way once you peel back its layers. The developers at Pixel Chest clearly love the Viking Age, and this era offers a lot of cool things you’re in total control of. Everything about the game feels handcrafted, except you’re given the tools to craft your own destiny for a fantastic adventure. Sons of Valhalla excels at being a fully fleshed out game where strategy, combat, and role-playing come together to form a viking voltron for the ages.

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Sons of Valhalla has some ways to go. I’m hoping a couple of updates will ease some of the tedium of the city building and waiting for units. It felt like I was stuck through a lot of my playthrough, having to wait for something or another rather than forging ahead. I wouldn’t even mind waiting for tactical purposes, but there really isn’t much more to the game aside from clicking at enemies and watching your army take care of business. I died during 2 sieges. When I got back to the camp, my army had played the game without me and took them. It just feels a bit disconnected. With a little push, this game has something special. For now though, I’d recommend waiting some time.

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A potent blend of tactics and RPG possessed with raucous momentum, Sons of Valhalla is excellent. Then it's not for a bit. Then it's excellent again.

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