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King Arthur: Legion IX

May 10, 2024 - PC
7 / 10
Checkpoint Gaming
6 / 10
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آرش سفیدی
7 / 10

King Arthur: Legion IX tries to implement Knight's Tale's successful formula in a more compact format, resulting in a hit and miss Tactical RPG experience that shines in areas such as turn-based combat and art design but comes up short in story, sound design, and voice acting.

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King Arthur: Legion IX is a decent strategy RPG experience, with an intuitive user interface, as well as cool abilities and gameplay ideas which strategy fans should find appealing. That said, with the game throwing waves of tanky foes at you while restricting the number of allies you can bring along, what starts as a fun and fair challenge begins to feel like an irritating slog before long. Couple that with a fairly unengaging and shallow cast and narrative and you're left with a fun combat system and some interesting enemy designs, but not a whole lot more to it. If you enjoyed King Arthur: Knight's Tale, then this Roman-themed additional campaign may be the new content which you have been waiting for. For anyone else, it is more of a tentative recommendation.

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