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Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Harebrained Schemes
Aug 20, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Shadowrun: Hong Kong

The best Shadowrun to date, but the series is starting to go grey.

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What it lacks in new features it makes up for in improving old ones, such as a better experiences in the Matrix as well as improved interface options.

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Players hungry for a meaty story should look no further. Players who want strategy will only find it sporadically

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Players who have already taken this trip with Shadowrun Returns and its expansion may find themselves wanting a bit with the gameplay, and newbies will have quite the learning curve to surmount, but if you see the gameplay as an adequate means to experience the more satisfying narrative end, Shadowrun: Hong Kong more than earns your attention.

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A fantastic isometric CRPG that has a very well developed story and great varied combat that just might be a bit on the tedious and boring side for those not wanting walls of text to read through.

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If this sounds unacceptable to you, well, we're in total agreement, as there's no excuse for a bug like this, one that should be easily spotted by anyone playing through the port, making its way into this final release version. It's a massive shame, as in terms of overall performance this third entry in the series runs well enough but there's just no getting around the freezing issue here, it needs sorting out with a patch ASAP before we can consider giving this one any sort of positive recommendation. For now, we'd steer clear of another disappointing port for Harebrained Schemes' stellar series.

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Harebrained Schemes has again struck gold within the Shadowrun universe. Refined Decking and brilliant writing as well as some genuine surprises breathe life into the fantastical future Hong Kong setting. Sadly, some pacing and level design issues stop it just short of the heights it was reaching for.

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