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Fairy Fencer F

Idea Factory
Aug 5, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Fairy Fencer F

Not a perfect RPG but a very good first step for a new IP with a lot of potential.

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It's still not going to go down as a world class RPG that everyone should play, but If/Compa fans will get a lot out of it, and it does some interesting things with its mechanics that I think many JRPG fans will enjoy. It's simple in nature and complex when getting into the nitty-gritty customization and harder combat sequences. This is by far the best game the developers have released to date, and JRPG fans should check it out.

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Ultimately, Fairy Fencer F's few awful qualities keep it from being a fantastic game. Apart from a few annoying aural attributes and its subpar combat visuals this is a great JRPG.

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Thanks to an engaging battle system and strong customization options, Fairy Fencer F manages to overcome its inconsistent storyline and lacklustre graphics, and stand out in the crowded JRPG genre.

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Fairy Fencer F will surely please fans of Idea Factory's output, but it's not likely to win over any fresh blood for the fanbase.

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It's far greater than the sum of its parts and should please all fans of JRPGs.

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In conclusion, Fairy Fencer F is one of the strongest examples of a B-tier JRPG; what it lacks in originality or technical achievements, it makes up for having a simplistic-yet-fun battle system, a generous helping of customization and content, and a significant trimming of fat as well as fanservice, both of which continue to bloat up the Neptunia series with each new game. If anyone was ever curious to try one of the growing number of Western releases from Compile Heart, this would definitely be the game to try, especially now that it runs smoothly and carries a budgeted price.

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Overall, I'm of mixed feelings about this game. I stuck with it for the long-haul without feeling like it was chore, but there's a whole new-game-plus section to the game I've not tried, and I'm not sure I want to see how it changes things, even though the Steam Achievements spoil some intriguing ideas. I might be content to leave it, as the issues it had failed to capture my heart, even with the charm it had.

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