Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Reviews

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is ranked in the 70th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
Xander Morningstar
Top Critic
8.5 / 10.0
May 28, 2019

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, while short, has a lot to offer thematically. It doesn't show anything mind-blowingly new, but rather comes across like a beautiful amalgamation of the greatest hits from dark fairytale. It only scratches the surface of its own potential, but the beautiful scenery, music, themes, and interesting take on gameplay make it a definite title to check out.

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Top Critic
7 / 10
Aug 19, 2015

You'll run, jump, climb, push, pull and rinse and repeat; it feels at times like each mechanism has just been potato-printed onto a different environment

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8 / 10
Aug 24, 2015

Brothers is a game that will endure in the hearts and memories of those who have experienced it for a very long time and should feature on many "Games You Must Play" lists. Fans of the game will find themselves once again transfixed as they embark on the journey once more and for those have not yet taken the plunge, now is definitely your chance. Just remember to keep the tissues handy. You might be in need of them.

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Jun 4, 2019

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons rises above its simple puzzles with a quiet but deeply engaging world, story and characters. Minus a few potential bugs, the Switch port delivers a generally beautiful experience of the game that looks good and runs well. The game is a short but sweet trip that culminates in a truly memorable ending.

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7.8 / 10.0
Jun 5, 2019

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons may seem a game, on its surface, simple, naive, but as we go deeper into it, we dwell on its playable proposal, its history, the characterization of each brother ... as we observe the different layers of meaning with which Josef Fares has wanted to compose his work, we are conscious of the complexity that it entails and of the genius of some of his ideas

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May 27, 2019

I’m a big fan of games with strong narratives. When Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons came out back in 2013, I was excited to play it, but for one reason or another, I never got around to it. When I bought the game years later, I, for some reason, couldn’t get into it at all. Fast-forward to yesterday, where I got sent the code for the game to review and finished the game in a single sitting – only breaking to eat dinner with my wife. I had a great time with Brothers, aside from a few small issues that I’ll go into below.

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Screen Rant
Scott Baird
Top Critic
May 28, 2019

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons isn't worth the high asking price

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9 / 10.0
Aug 11, 2015

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a simple game, yet at the same time an incredibly complex coming-of-age story about fraternal love, loss, the conquering of fear and the importance of family. It's the kind of game that will leave you wanting to go and find someone you love, hug them and never let go. It's not perfect, and the control system will irritate at first, but it's worth persisting with it for the chance to roll with the punches that get thrown all around at the end of it. If you've yet to play it, it's impossible not to recommend it, and if you have then it all comes down to whether you want to experience it all over again.

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