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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Feb 13, 2015 - Nintendo 3DS

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Critic Reviews for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Bigger, better and more accessible than ever before - this will be the Monster Hunter to convert newcomers and keep the faithful happy, too.

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Just when you think the fight is over in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the next challenger steps in and ups the level of competition for another satisfying round of combat and loot. Very few games can hook me in for 100 hours, but this installment adds enough new creatures, weapons, locations, and fighting moves to expand and reinvigorate my lust for the hunt.

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More accessible and more immediate than ever before, whether it's a hit or not Monster Hunter 4 is definitely the best of the series so far.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate doesn't offer much new beyond its predecessors, but it perfects so much of what they tried that it's undoubtedly the series' best, and among the best games on 3DS.

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Dozens of hours of fun are available to longtime fans or new hunters with enough patience to learn from the early sections

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is far and away the best game in the series so far

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Do you enjoy murdering wild animals and then wearing their skins as trophies? Everyone needs a hobby, but consider giving it a rest and play this instead.

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Challenging, invigorating and brimming with humour, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the best in the series - a must for fans, and the best entry point for newcomers.

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