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Available on:Nintendo 3DSNov 20, 2015

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: RPG

In the Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon game, the player will be transformed into one of 20 Pokemon as they set out on an adventure in a world inhabited solely by the 720 discovered Pokemon. This game boasts hours of replay-ability as each dungeon is randomly generated, so you'll never explore the same dungeon twice as you unravel this tale of adventure and mystery. The player can choose their playable character and their partner Pokemon from a selection of 20 Pokemon. All 720 discovered Pokemon appear in this game, including Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. Mystery Dungeons are found everywhere and they change their form every time they are entered. The items and treasures will also change every time you enter. The partner Pokemon supports the player and their friendship will help to solve the mystery of why Pokemon are being turned into stone!

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Reviews

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Vibrant and full of personality, but has also tightened up the series gameplay so you'll actually need to pay attention, strategize, and conserve your resources to defeat its challenges.

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The best entry in the series, but very far from being super – as the excitement of discovery is replaced with the drudgery of repetition.

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The promise of seeing all 720 Pokémon is tempting, but the experience can't escape the dull combat and bland environments

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I still have a ways to go before I'm ready to weigh in on this RPG, but my impressions so far suggest a game that may not be precisely essential but should nevertheless prove enjoyable enough to most RPG fans to warrant a play... even if you found Gates to Infinity as lacking as I did.

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