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Offworld Trading Company

Stardock Entertainment, Mohawk Games
Apr 28, 2016 - PC

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Offworld Trading Company - Early Access Developer Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Offworld Trading Company

Not just for economists, Mohawk's precise, focused debut balances the books with panache.

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Master its complex systems and Offworld Trading Company is ruthless, immediate and thoroughly rewarding.

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Relatively simple in concept but complex in the possible manipulation of the market, Offworld Trading Company manages to make a type of gameplay that’s traditionally slow into something fast and exciting. It’s a tad too easy to trip yourself up before you even begin, but once it gets rolling this multiplayer-friendly cold war of capitalism forces tough, rapid-fire strategic choices.

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Offworld Trading Company trades nukes and armies for stocks and commodities--without losing any of the thrill.

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Mohawk Games really hit on something special in creating the heart and soul of what makes Offworld Trading Company tick. It’s just a shame they didn’t stretch and twist it far enough to broach the limits of what this brilliant idea can really do.

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Offworld Trading Company combines economic strategy with innovation and polish, resulting in a game which feels exciting, deep and fun all at once. Not an easy combination to pull off – the developers should be proud, and gamers should be delighted.

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Offworld turns a spreadsheet simulator into a knock-down drag-out scrap for Martian resources and almighty dollars. The pacing is almost breakneck. But with so much transparency in delivering the numbers, it maintains a sense of fairness, even as black market tactics from less-scrupulous rivals threaten to tear down your 30-minute monehy-making empires.

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Monitoring your growing corporate mining empire is fun, especially at first, with lots of building, expanding, and stockpiling mined resources.

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