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Aug 11, 2016 - Wii U, PC

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Critic Reviews for Tadpole Treble

I enjoyed my time with this game. It's kid friendly, but there's a good level of challenge throughout, and getting 100% on everything would require a lot of practice. I think the composition mode could even be used as a sneaky way to teach kids a little bit about musical theory, since it incorporates an actual music staff. It's a simple game, but it does exactly what it sets out to do and it has a cute, clean aesthetic that serves it well.

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Tadpole Treble is a truly revolutionary take on rhythm platforming games. It's got a fun story that is expertly told through the game's dialogue, animations, and most of all music.

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Tadpole Treble isn’t the most complex eShop game, but it deserves to be one of the most popular. Hats off to BitFinity.

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All told, Tadpole Treble is a wonderfully rounded experience. The excellent soundtrack is matched by equally fun gameplay, which can be surprisingly deep for those looking for a challenge. On top of that, the level editor adds a virtually limitless amount of content and replayability to that which is already offered in the main campaign. We'd highly suggest you pick this one up - it's a charming and memorable rhythm game that stands out as a real gem on the eShop.

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Tadpole Treble is clearly a passion project by the developers BitFinity and this shines through in every aspect. It's rare that you come across a game with educational undertones that doesn't instantly come across as one. Moreover one so wonderfully presented as this.

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Tadpole Treble is a great example of how to blend art with gameplay; each enhances the other and elevates the game to something beyond just a fun distraction. If you love music, (and who doesn’t?) you would be doing yourself a great disservice by not checking this game out.

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Tadpole Treble is a game built for music lovers by music lovers. Its solid gameplay forms a perfect foundation for the music, which is the real star of the game, to take center stage. The level editor, however, is what gives Tadpole Treble real staying power. The type of feature that could make this a sort of cult classic, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing YouTube videos of levels built in Tadpole Treble. If you like music, you should pick it up.

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Tadpole Treble has a nice and minimalist "kiddy" look, and a pretty neat assortment of somewhat catchy tunes. As a rhythm game, however, it's nothing special, mainly because one does not need to use rhythm in order to play it. Rhythm is just an appetiser here, not the main dish.

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