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Jul 12, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Tumblestone - Cinematic Trailer - Launch Date Announcement

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Critic Reviews for Tumblestone

If you are at all a fan of puzzle games, play Tumblestone. Its intelligent spin on a simple mechanic forces players to plan ahead and think about the consequences of their actions. There is a veritable ton of single-player content, which unfortunately must be completed in order to unlock the rule-changing modifiers for use in the game's arcade mode. It truly shines when playing with friends in the same room as you all shout expletives while simultaneously thinking that the winner must be a complete genius.

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Tumblestone is a clever and intriguing puzzle game... with a somewhat confusing selling model and and awful art department.

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You don't even have to really like the match-3 genre to enjoy Tumblestone. Barring some sort of moral or principled objection to the genre, you definitely need to play it. It is a rare breed of game that offers exactly what it promises, and does so flawlessly.

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Tumblestone is a fun game for the first several hours but then it starts becoming tedious from the sheer number of puzzles that you face.

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Tumblestone is an excellent puzzle game that definitely deserves to be played by fans of the genre. Aside from maybe Puyo Puyo Tetris, you are unlikely to find a puzzle game that offers quite this much content and such an addictive nature. The lack of any online functionality is disappointing, though, and whilst the Switch's portability could have made this the definitive version, this odd omission takes away a nice feature unnecessarily. If you haven't played the game before, though, or aren't fussed about playing online – this is still a very solid choice.

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Tumblestone is a magnificent puzzle game which visibly stands out as one of the best titles of the genre in the Wii U catalogue. Pity the disproportionate gap between its gameplay and its visual and sound components, as well as its cost, as these flaws prevent it from being even more of an indispensable option for any Wii U player.

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Tumblestone has thought of just about everything to create a fun and rewarding puzzle game experience. It spreads out a smorgasbord of options for one player or more, balancing sit-and-think challenges with drag racing action and spur-of-the-moment accessibility. The whole thing comes wrapped in a pretty package and with a nearly overwhelming amount of extra options. The eShop price for Tumblestone might be on the higher side, and it's a pity there's not much of an online scene at the time of writing, but this is a full game that deserves a place among Tetris Attack, Dr. Mario and other friendly puzzlers that have chiseled out a name for themselves.

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Tumblestone is a nice three match game, with some original ideas and a great longevity. Despite that the artistic design is poor and the game it's totally overpriced.

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