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Available on:PlayStation 4Aug 2, 2016
PlayStation VitaJul 19, 2016
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Publisher: PQube

Genres: RPG, Strategy

For a single day Hodai Kudoki has an unrivaled sex appeal and allure, making him irresistible to women and girls around him thanks to an arrow shot by the angel Ekoro. But, there is a catch: once the effects of the arrow wear off Hodai will never be able to have a girlfriend again, provided he doesn't find his fated match and her confession of love before the day's end! Double Peace takes place a year after the events of the previous title with a whole new batch of heroines, students, and teachers, bringing the total number of women in the game to over 70. In an attempt to lead Hodai astray, as well as tempt him away from his 'chosen' girl, many of the other girls will be quite aggressive with their expressions of love and affection. Some girls might just try for a hug or a kiss, while others will bombard you with their love letters or pushing and hitting you. Girls who are possessed by demons will be especially aggressive! Players can use the "X-Ray Zoom" feature to see through obstacles, potentially revealing information about various girls and even more. Players can also charge up their shots by holding down the shoot button, landing such a shot will cause the girl it hits to falter making her easier to take out. Heartthrob Mode is the part of the game where players can view up to three girls from multiple angles, as well as make use of the touch panel. In order to enter Heartthrob Mode players must first max out their Heart Gauge.

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I didn't think I would have this much fun with a casual rail shooter that uses touch controls, but Gal*Gun: Double Peace kept me engaged and entertained with its uncompromisingly Japanese high school antics.

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I have to say, even with all that problematic content, I kind of love Gal-Gun: Double Peace not only for daring to be as stupid and perverse as it is with no excuses, but also for being one of the most content-rich and replayable games in its genre. If you can overlook (or enjoy) the cringeworthy perverseness found here, you'll find an enjoyable little shooter. Those looking to be turned on will probably be better served elsewhere unless you have a young schoolgirl fetish. I don't see how anyone could find the content found here sexually arousing, but some people also like to suck on toes, play with poop, or wear diapers, so what do I know? What you do in our own time is your business, so who cares if I think you're creepy? You shouldn't, you weirdo.

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GalGun: Double Peace is an interesting videogame based on anime gal games, which also features the simplest plot ever. It's as enjoyable as repetitive and absurd.

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Truthfully, I went into Gal*Gun Double Peace with below zero expectations. I figured it would be a cheap, dated game that only had its obvious “fan service” going for it. It’s clearly aimed at that niche audience, but Gal Gun is fun, funny, and easy to pick up and play for countless quick sessions. The poor visuals and complicated story requirements are a shame, but they never truly soured my time with the title and as soon as I finish this review, I plan to play more.

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