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Nov 15, 2013 - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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RESOGUN PS4: Action Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Resogun

Resogun really is that rare kind of arcade game that feels like an entirely different beast when played on the toughest setting. It's also the closest the PS4 launch line-up gets to offering a genuine next-gen thrill. Granted, Housemarque's not offering the shock of the new, perhaps - all of the developer's best ideas are actually reassuringly elderly - but it's working with energy, enthusiasm, precision and love. Oh, and voxels. Look at them scatter!

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Resogun might seem innocuous at first, but once players peel back the layers, they will see that Resogun is a challenging, yet rewarding, space shooter with a fantastic sense of style. Granted, some players might not find the challenge worth it, or simply find that this very niche genre is not for them, but those who live for these types of unforgiving shooters will count Resogun among the top tier.

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Resogun is a smart, speedy game that reinvigorates the shoot 'em up genre.

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The best Defender clone for years and arguably the best next gen launch title on any console, although that says far more about its rivals than it does Resogun itself.

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Resogun looks incredible and provides plenty of arcade fun. It's only held back by sudden difficulty spikes and some frustrating point-scoring mechanics.

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Worthy of your time, but the lack of content doesn't encourage you to continually return to the game

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Resogun takes a classic formula and supercharges every aspect, culminating in a game that challenges your reflexes and dazzles you with its explosive presentation.

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Resogun is a collision of 1980s shooters, 1990s bullet-hells and 2010s aesthetic. It's as simple or difficult as you want it to be. Sure, it borrows great ideas quite liberally. But Resogun's best idea is smashing them all together into a singular, spectacular laser light show.

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