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HeroCraft, Lion's Shade
Aug 22, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Tempest

One of the best pirate experiences ever created, but not the best adventure game out there. It's an interesting proposal that fails on offering an deeper story.

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Tempest is available for just $15 and it scratches an itch few other games do. It’s a capable, if somewhat buggy, pirate adventure that offers up challenging combat and an open world to explore. Customization and late-game challenges courtesy of legendary ships and mythical monsters help round out the title, making it worthwhile if a little frayed around the edges.

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Tempest is an open world action RPG that had a lot of promise but in reality, it is like a ship lost at sea.

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Entertaining without ever surprising, Tempest still suffers from some design flaws that should be absolutely corrected to improve the overall experience and make the game more accessible in the early stages.

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Tempest is enjoyable… for what it's worth. There are some issues that just feel like weird game design, but even though it's not perfect, it's still really exciting to manage every facet of your war vessel. It makes it feel like every victory was truly yours. It is clearly a war machine with some blemishes, but she's mighty fun to pilot.

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An extremely unengaging gameplay and bad graphics mine what could be an interesting addition to the pirate genre.

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You would think a pirate game would have a brimming personality. Yet, sailing around, doing mission after mission, I never feel like a pirate. I never dig up treasure, get in trouble with the law or even meet any famous pirates.

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Tempest’s aggravating sailing mechanics in a game dedicated to sea travel are too hard to ignore, bogging down the entire experience and making progression feel like an unmanageable chore. Though the world is beautiful and includes an endless amount of quests, the good is, unfortunately, not enough to outweigh the bad for this pirate adventure.

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