Noitu Love: Devolution (Nintendo Edition)

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Sep 15, 2016 - Wii U, Nintendo 3DS

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Noitu Love: Devolution - Nintendo® eShop Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Noitu Love: Devolution (Nintendo Edition)

Noitu Love: Devolution feels better than ever on the 3DS. It looks just as beautiful, even on the small screen, and plays right into the touchscreen's strength. The arcade nature of the game almost guarantees multiple playthroughs on harder difficulties and with new, completely unique characters.

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While woefully short and unchanged from its PC incarnation, Noitu Love: Devolution is a great little action title with satisfying bosses and slick controls.

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Despite the Wii U or 3DS not getting the original game, Noitu Love: Devolution is a fun game, though the difficulty range can be pretty big between Normal and Hard.  However, that adds to the replayability and once you get through Normal difficulty, you should be ready to tackle Hard.  It took a while to grow on me but for five dollars it’s definitely worth it.

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Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed playing through Noitu Love: Devolution, even though I would have preferred to have more of it. The levels were varied and the boss battles were spectacular. It is such a shame that the game does not have more meat on it, because in the current form I can only recommend Noitu Love: Devolution to the biggest arcade fans.

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Noitu Love: Devolution portrays a style that was very appreciated more than twenty years ago without having to blatantly copying games from those days but rather paying a fitting tribute to them. Featuring frantic action, a very detailed visual outlook and a large amount of content, Devolution may end up being a bit confusing at times, but it's a title worthy of attention.

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Noitu Love: Devolution certainly appears to be a labour of love. It's the type of game that straddles the line between being an homage to a throwback era and reinventing the wheel with its unique pointer driven control scheme. Although originally meant for a PC audience, the transition to Wii U feels natural. The touchscreen method, while interesting, isn't as ideal as an old fashioned Wii Remote pointer. Regardless, Noitu Love: Devolution is definitely worth your time, although your time may be limited to the comfort of the control scheme you choose.

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Noitu Love seems like it could easily fit on the Sega Genesis if someone retrofitted a touch screen into the controller. A great game is nestled inside of this package, but some of the quality of life deficits that may have been acceptable in the Genesis days are a bit of a sore spot now. Still, there’s not a lot like it on Wii U so it’s worth taking for a spin.

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Noitu Love: Devolution is a huge surprise and I can easily say that it's one of the few must-buy 2D action games of the year so far.

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