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Curve Digital, Puppy Games
Mar 18, 2013 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Ultratron

Ultratron is a simple game in which you move around a single screen and shoot bad guys. That said, it does that single screen shooting very well. I would have liked some variation in the level design, and the graphics can get rather muddled at some points, but overall it's a polished little package. The local co-op is great for when you want a quick game to play with friends – younger players will love it – and the Vita version will be excellent for killing ten minutes on a bus journey.

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All in all, Ultatron is definitely worth looking at. Those who want a top down bullet-hell shooter with some gorgeous retro graphics, perfect controls, lots of options and upgrades, fun tracks, and impressive difficulty will find that all here in spades. Just don't expect any innovation, and keep in mind that some effects can be distracting or confusing at times, and you will get a fantastic experience. It's just too bad something so unnecessary takes away so much.

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Ultratron is an incredibly addictive game and, once played, it's hard to deny its moreish qualities, which in part is due to some innovative new mechanics that help breathe life into one of gaming's oldest genres. Although a lack of levels and some presentational hiccups prevent this from becoming an outright classic, Ultratron's positive points outweigh its negatives, and warrants a look from anyone looking for an arcade shooter that manages to merge the best of old and new.

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Ultratron won't gain a following like some of the better twin-stick shooters out there, mainly due to its lack of diversity and modes. Still, Puppy Games and Curve Studios did do something great with the concept, and if you don't mind a game that's a bit old-school, Ultratron will do you good.

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Ultraton is a fun and addictive arcade-style shooter which in many ways follows an old-school pattern of gameplay. It could surely benefit from a more extended lifespan and more variety on the attack patterns of the bosses but it still stands as one of the most fun shooters available on the Wii U's digital market.

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Ultratron is a perfectly fine twin stick shooter and it is certainly worth playing. Sadly, it is too flashy for its own good and this creates problems that are uniquely its own. If these problems weren't there, this could have been my favorite shoot'em up in a while. It is still really good, but when it becomes jarring, Ultratron just really needs to calm down a bit.

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There's a good reason why a lot of these older games are commonly referred to as 'classics' and even a modern day re-rub replicating the timeless gameplay has the ability to evoke memories of a misspent youth shovelling coins into an arcade cabinet. Ultratron is an addictive little blast that does justice to Eugene Jarvis's original vision.

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Digitally Downloaded

Pierre-Yves L.
Digitally Downloaded

Ultratron is a good arcade game with the simple goal of surviving as long as possible in order to avenge the human race and earn a good score to brag about while doing it. While it might not do anything we haven't seen before, it is a fun time for those that love the retro style.

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