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Strong Man

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Kevin MerserHoHoHo

Top Critic

5 / 10.0
Dec 7, 2017

I really tried to enjoy Wuppo, but the technical issues and frustrating game design made it feel like such a chore. It's a shame too because this could have been a great game otherwise. As it stands right now, however, the problems vastly outweigh the things that Wuppo does right.

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8 / 10
Nov 21, 2017

If you like charming platformers then Wuppo may just be for you. The game offers a fun, though at times frustrating experience with a number of challenges to overcome. The world of Wuppo is quite unlike any other and filled with a lot of neat little touches, and though the story may be predictable it is well-told, likeable and easy to pick up.

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8 / 10.0
Nov 3, 2017

Wuppo, despite a couple of small issues, is a heartening adventure in a winsome, self-contained world that's full of quirk-riddled characters and adorably monstrous bosses.

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8 / 10.0
Nov 6, 2017

Wuppo is the kind of game you kinda want to remove from your memory, just to be able to play it again, and enjoy it like the first time. Despite its childish graphics and some gameplay flaws, Wuppo is a truly entertaining, light-hearted experience.

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83 / 100
Nov 16, 2016

I have a hard time calling the art style good exactly, but it isn’t bad either.

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7 / 10.0
Nov 19, 2017

With a simple yet eye-catching visual section, Wuppo introduces us to a surreal world in which we will undertake an adventure back home that will take us from platform to platform, from puzzle to puzzle, in an exponentially incremental environment that will grow up as we find new items.

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6.5 / 10.0
Nov 10, 2017

If you think Wuppo looks adorable and you can appreciate challenging games, you can buy this title. It'll provide many hours of fun, but there are some annoying elements like the camera and using the menu.

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Rob Kelly

Top Critic

8.5 / 10.0
Nov 29, 2016

Wuppo ended up being much more enjoyable than I had expected it to be. The gameplay was dark, yet lighthearted, and very humorous. Finding new NPC's to talk to and learn some more of the story from always got a laugh out of me as the Wums explained why they were kicked out of the WumHouse. I appreciate the RPG elements put into the game and how the player can change the appearance of Wum by equipping different weapons and armor. Finding new weapons was fun as different enemies became easier to kill with more powerful items. Collecting the Filmstrips was fun as every conversation with the Old Wum was funny and learning more of the lore of the world was exciting. The somber music was a great accompaniment to the title and the tastefulness of the artwork added depth to the characters and environments. The only real downside I found was that that game was so simple it didn't provide much challenge. Areas were easy to navigate and a map was never required. All in all, Wuppo is a fun and humorous experience that players will enjoy thoroughly.

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Dec 18, 2017

Wuppo is a lighthearted fun adventure, and it is definitely well worth a look.

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8.5 / 10.0
Jan 18, 2017

Wuppo excels at being a solid and cute title. The presentation makes it seem like it was made for kids, but players of all ages will find it endearing. The musical score is enjoyable, and the game's quirkiness makes the story work. The gameplay, from boss fights to puzzles of varying types, works thanks to its simplicity and good pacing. This is definitely a labor of love from the two-man development team, and it is definitely recommended for gamers of all types.

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