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Phoning Home

Feb 7, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Phoning Home

In the end, Phoning Home has some issues to it. and the first couple of hours are the roughest part of the game as far as exploration and pacing goes, but if you take your time with it and progress, the game does get much better.

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ION LANDS delivers a game of components that, while sparse on their own, combine to make an enjoyable experience.

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Phoning Home is not the same old survivor game, but tries to bring to light some serious theme, thanks to the link between ANI and ION, the two protagonists.

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The world in which Phoning Home is based is gorgeously designed; each organism you come across is new and different – some glow, some shine, and together, it is all incredibly beautiful.

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The smooth textured environments do not make up for the game play issues and infuriating dialogue.

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Phoning Home is a mediocre survival adventure through excessively large game spaces with a slow robot and his inept companion.

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Phoning Home doesn't seem to want to be the flashiest of the survival genre. Instead, it seems to want to be the most accessible and the strongest. While it doesn't always succeed, it hits enough of the right notes to be both a recommendation and a surprisingly unique member of the survival genre. With a bit of polish, it could easily be one of the best.

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Phoning Home is a good game with pleasant music, nice graphics and ideal difficulty. At least for the first few hours. Unfortunately, due to various mistakes, it´s only a forgettable experience.

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