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Monster Monpiece (Steam Edition)

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Based on 7 critic reviews
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Available on:PCMar 14, 2017

Developer: Compile Heart

Publisher: Idea Factory

Genre: Strategy

[Warning: This game contains sexual content]

Train as May Esperio in a world where humans and "monster girls" live an uneasy coexistence, and become a monster girl master in strategic, card-based battle with light RPG elements! Throw down with the enemy using your cards’ Skills and Potentials, and give their stats an extra boost with special bonuses. If you play your cards right you’ll collect over 100 monster girls and get to level those ladies up with the First Crush - Rub mode, which gives you a hands-on role in warming them up for battle!

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Monster Monpiece (Preview, PC)

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The Digital Fix

6 / 10.0
The Digital Fix

A fun game with surprising depth to its strategy elements. However, the heavy focus on fan service may leave players feeling more than a little uncomfortable.

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5 / 10.0
Jeff Pannell

Monster Monpiece is certainly not the average digital card game. Upgrading cards requires players to rub down their would-be monster girl soldiers and it features a heavy dose of visual novel style storytelling. It is, however, an okay story at best and a decent card battler. It doesn't stand out much from the field other than its "Crush Rub" upgrade system but, hey, at least it's uncensored.

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4 / 10
Brandon Howard

Monster Monpiece has a couple of interesting takes on the digital CCG genre, but it's completely hampered by the horrendous controls and its tasteless and aggravating upgrade system. There's understandably some issues with porting a title that utilised a touchscreen for many in-game actions, but the hybrid mouse/keyboard setup feels awful, and the deckbuilding interface is so clunky that it's pure trial and error to navigate the first few times. With so many amazing digital CCGs out there, there's few good reasons to play this one.

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Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded

This is an exceptional port of a hugely underrated game. The character art is one of the most critical features in the game, and on the much larger PC screen the art is vibrant, detailed, and attractive. This alone really makes Monster Monpiece's PC port the definitive version. Hopefully this is not the last we see of Compile Heart producing CCGs.

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