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Trion Worlds
Jul 9, 2015 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Trove


6.2 / 10.0
Leif Johnson

Played in long sessions, Trove can quickly grow mind-numbingly dull and repetitive, and its performance issues can sometimes be a pain. But played in short sessions, it's a decently fun way to pass the time, either by building structures, battling bad guys, or experimenting with new classes.

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Trove generally mixes elements of Minecraft and traditional MMOGs well, but it grows tedious in the late game.

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Trove still doesn't have nearly as much structure as you'd expect from an MMO. The complete absence of story and story-based quests means that only players who really dig mining and building will get much long-term value from this one. Leaving out the story and story quests is a big missed opportunity to capitalize on what makes MMOs so special.

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the core mechanics are identical from world to world. Navigate, murder, collect the loot.

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Great in short bursts, maybe an hour, as you can have fun and make a little progress, complete a challenge, and see your experience progress. Maybe two at a push to run some Shadow Tower, or work on the Club World. But those meaty, satisfying online experiences need a heavyweight MMO to deliver them and, for all its colourful charm, Trove just isn't it.

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I think Trove is a solid game for kids, as well as up and coming MMO players. It's a game that is a wonderful upgrade from the Minecraft world, but pushes players a bit further with gaming concepts and design that most of us have experienced for a good portion of our gaming lives. I'm sure that it will keep growing as a game and hopefully, audience willing, garnish new add-ons and design that push it into a more rewarding experience that will legitimize it as a go-to MMORPG for a wider audience.

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Trove is an MMORPG that isn't worth anyone's time, let alone their money

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While I enjoy the slower, peaceful tracks for grinding, there is quite a bit of similarity between many of them, which can make the overall soundtrack feel repetitive. Additionally, the constant 'thud' sound effect from striking enemies is enough to drive anyone mad. I recommend turning the music up and the SFX down, unless you happen to be streaming your own music in the background.

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