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Armor Games, Thomas Brush
Apr 24, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Pinstripe

Pinstripe's spooky atmosphere will catch your eye, but its straightforward puzzles and clunky combat may cause you to look the other way.

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Pinstripe isn't perfect, but it feels as if it nearly perfectly accomplishes what it sets out to do. It tells an emotional story with its own peculiar and disturbing flair. Like Dante seeking out Beatrice, Ted will walk through hell for Bo. That's something we can all empathize with on some level. That's what's worth fighting for.

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Pinstripe is a delightful little game. It has a great narrative and colorful characters, at least in terms of style and flair. The art style is lovely and the music fits well, adding nice texture without ever being obtrusive. It may be a little on the short side in terms of content, but this is a budget title. I completed the game in around three or four hours.

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Pinstripe is a beautiful creation in every sense of the word, pulling on your heartstrings like only your favourite storybook can, while competently providing a good deal of fun along the way. It's a little on the short side, both in terms of length and challenge (we only saw the 'game over' screen once thanks to reaching the final boss with very little health), but a game's length really isn't everything. It's what a game does in the few hours it spends with you that really counts, and Pinstripe does some pretty great things, making it an easy title to recommend.

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Games can serve as an excellent vehicle for exploring heavy concepts like death, the loss of family, and forgiveness in a more digestible manner, and few games I have ever played prove that adage as much as Pinstripe. It may not be perfect, but the latest from Thomas Brush should absolutely be on the must-play list of any platformer/adventure game fan.

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Pinstripe offers an oniric trip as the pastor Ted finds his way through death looking for his little girl Bo. Unfortunately, behind its beautiful backgrounds and melancolic soundtrack, Pinstripe frogot to be a solid platformer. Clumsy controls, basic puzzles and soporific fights forbid the player to experience its tearful message all the way through.

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7.5 / 10.0
Ray Carsillo

What it lacks in length and complexity, Pinstripe makes up for in narrative. It's a compelling story set in a beautiful world full of interesting characters, and that alone should be worth a look for most—even if there's really not much challenge to this puzzle-adventure game.

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Pinstripe stands out as a platformer which does not reinvent the wheel, but is quite ingenious in using well-known story themes as well as ideas for the gameplay.

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