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Old Man's Journey

Broken Rules
May 17, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Old Man's Journey


No Recommendation / Blank

This ruminative travel game is beautiful, poised, and a little predictable.

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Though Old Man's Journey is a short adventure, it's a gorgeous and memorable one thanks to its heartfelt storytelling and intriguing puzzles.

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Old Man's Journey is sweet and undemanding

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Simplicity is the biggest strength of Old Man's Journey. It doesn't require you to be a genius or a master gamer, but to have a penchant for something more oft-kilter. That it manages to be a satisfying experience all without saying a single word is remarkable and definitely worth a look.

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Old Man's Journey proposes a unique experience that features an interesting plot, a magnificent visual component and a series of challenges that will quickly conquer the player. While its lifespan my feel short and its price a bit too steep, Old Man's Journey is another game that is more than worthy of an opportunity and which deserves its place within the Nintendo Switch.

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If you're looking for something substantial in the gameplay department, Old Man's Journey probably isn't for you. Its main mechanic is neat, but it doesn't build upon it and due to the lack of any surrounding substance, you'll be left feeling short changed. But for those that connect with it, Old Man's Journey will offer up a memorable experience that comes equipped with a meaningful message and a stunning graphical palette.

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Old Man's Journey is a small, quiet game that you can tell was a work of passion. Sometimes the best way to get someone to listen to you is to whisper. In a just world, this spare kaleidoscope of memories and manipulated hillsides will garner as much attention as bigger games beset with earth-shaking explosions. As we all learn in time, it's often the smaller chance encounters that make the most impact on us. Especially when we look back.

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Some puzzles are found along the way, but finding the gentleman's true purpose is what the journey is truly about. If it clicks with you, you will likely walk with the same appreciation I did. The message is truly wonderful, and that left me a little satisfied at the very least.

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