Implosion: Never Lose Hope

FlyHigh Works
Jul 6, 2017 - Nintendo Switch

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Implosion: Never Lose Hope Media

Offical Implosion - Never Lose Hope (by Rayark Inc.) Launch Trailer (iOS) thumbnail

Offical Implosion - Never Lose Hope (by Rayark Inc.) Launch Trailer (iOS)

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Critic Reviews for Implosion: Never Lose Hope

At $12, you can't go wrong with Implosion. While it sometimes shows its mobile roots, the Switch version of the game is frantic, fluid fun with a great amount of content and thrilling gameplay. It's games like these that make me never lose hope that Rayark will astound me again with its next release.

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All told, Implosion is a satisfying mobile game that ultimately feels worthy of its console release, but it is a little inconsistent in its execution. Weak writing and ho-hum presentation are balanced by the depth of replayability and mindless but fun hack 'n' slash gameplay. We give Implosion a moderate recommendation; though it certainly doesn't hold a candle to big-name alternatives, Implosion does a good job of creating an engaging and entertaining gameplay experience that'll give you many hours of fun.

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Implosion - Never Lose Hope is a hack 'n' slash that tries to go far but ends up offering too much of the same. While its production values are good and the game's customization system is interesting, it quickly becomes too repetitive thanks to its overuse of the same enemies and an unambitious level design. As far as its plot is concerned, the quantity of elements quickly becomes too much to pay attention to and overall all this makes the experience feel tiresome and forgettable.

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As a whole though, Implosion really surprised me. It looked like it would be a Metal Gear Revengence-style game from an indie developer, and that's pretty much how it played out. It looks good, plays great, and is a very solid and affordable title for the Nintendo Switch. If you are looking for something a bit darker and faster paced on the Switch, Implosion is a solid choice.

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While not as deep as something you'd see from the likes of Platinum Games, the general gameplay hook is there, combining fast-paced melee combo attacks with some gunplay and strategic combat. The fact that it is being delivered in a budget-friendly package with so much content out of the gate more than compensates for the relative age and somewhat dated visuals it brings along for the ride. If you're looking for something to get your adrenaline pumping, whether you're at home or on the go, Implosion delivers a challenge and excitement in a wallet-friendly package.

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While it's not to the standard of its rhythm games, Rayark did well with its first RPG. Implosion looks gorgeous and is a very slick production.

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I’ve played almost 30 hours of Implosion for Nintendo Switch and I wanted to share my thoughts of the game, with you. Let me know what you think on Twitter or in the comments section on our website!

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It may not be as pretty, deep and fluid as the bigger titles it aspires to be, but it definitely did take me by surprise with how much I actually enjoyed it. With its fair price tag and replayability hook, Implosion happens to be a great little bit on the side.

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