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Developer: Over Fence

Genre: Action

Dominate the board in Flip Wars, a competitive new party game for up to four players, available exclusively from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. Compete to claim the most coloured panels and stop your opponents from gaining ground in this frantic free-for-all! Conquer the terrain Leap into the air and Hip Drop onto the board below to flip adjacent panels around where you land and change them to your colour. Knock Out your opponent by flipping any panels they’re standing on, and watch them fly off the board – be careful where you stand, though, as they can send you flying, too! Prevent your rivals from reclaiming nearby panels and catch them off guard by adjusting your landing zone in mid-air, or by performing a Hip Drop feint. Power up! Extend your panel-flipping power with a variety of items that can boost your movement speed, make you temporarily invulnerable, and even change the direction of the panels so they flip diagonally. If you get knocked out by an opponent, you’ll lose all the items you picked up and their stat-boosting benefits, so keep an eye on your surroundings. Outrun your opponent to an area of the board you want to claim, or a nearby item, by staying on panels of your colour. If you step on any panels that have been flipped by another player, your movement speed will drastically reduce! Environmental care Turn the battle in your favour by taking advantage of your surroundings! Each stage provides a variety of unique challenges to overcome and introduces new strategic opportunities. Some stages contain game-changing elements like the Beam Cannon, which can flip entire lanes of panels when activated, while others contain environmental hazards such as a paralysing wave, which can stun you momentarily and cause all sorts of havoc! There are three battle modes for you to flip out over – Panel Battle, Knock Out Battle and Life Battle. In Panel Battle, the aim of the game is to change as many panels to your colour as possible. The player with the most panels of their colour at the end of the round wins. You’ll be surprised how quickly a match can be flipped on its head! Knock Out Battle is all about sending your rivals flying off the stage while trying to ensure you’re not sent packing in return. Whoever has the most knock outs and has been knocked out the least will emerge victorious. It’s a fight to the finish in Life Battle, where each player only has three lives. If you get Knocked Out three times you’ll be eliminated, and if the game ends in a tie, the player with the most panels wins! You can also take the fight online, play against computer controlled opponents and engage in local multiplayer battles for up to four players.

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Flip Wars is in some ways less fleshed out than the demo for Fusion Frenzy. Almost every feature, from the blocked out local mode to the disappointing "My Room" option (that's less of a room and more like a statistic menu), is a half measure. Maybe Over Fence can add to what they've built with a sequel, a series of free updates, or even a re-launch (which has been done in the very same party space). Until that happens, don't worry about missing out.

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It's perhaps stepping on Super Bomberman R's toes at a fraction of the price, but Flip Wars scratches that multiplayer itch and is an absolute blast to play locally. There are currently some kinks to iron out, particularly with online matchmaking to fully use all the player slots, but with updates a possibility it's certainly one to keep an eye on to see how things develop.

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Flip Wars is a multiplayer game that win by playing it this way. Its great deficiency is in the lack of modes of games and alternatives for a single player. Even so, it can be a great option to keep in mind for family gatherings and with friends.

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Flip Wars is not worth buying at all right now and it needs a lot of work to come close to being decent let alone good.

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