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Gundam Versus

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Sep 29, 2017 - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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GUNDAM VERSUS - Game Mode Trailer | PS4 thumbnail

GUNDAM VERSUS - Game Mode Trailer | PS4

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GUNDAM VERSUS Gameplay Trailer | PS4

GUNDAM VERSUS Opening Movie | PS4 thumbnail

GUNDAM VERSUS Opening Movie | PS4

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Critic Reviews for Gundam Versus

Plenty to love for anyone who appreciates Gundam or enjoys precise, high-speed multiplayer action

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Much more than a licensed game functioning as a box of fan service for existing Gundam cultists, Gundam Versus is a fresh, well-crafted fighting game that's worth your attention whether you care about Gundam, the fighting genre or both.

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Gundam Versus is dedicated to the Gundam universe, and the treatment of the source material is easy to appreciate, even for someone unfamiliar with the series. That said, some loose mechanics, the paltry localization, and multiplayer's inability to deal with less-than-perfect network connections aren't easy to ignore.

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Overall, Gundam Versus is great gameplay hampered by the content, or lack thereof, meant to support it. A solid roster is brought down by questionable absences, while the offline content lacks the kind of replayability that an arcade mode would have. Meanwhile the unstable online means those with poor connections can't get the most out of the game, and the lack of teaching tools will not properly prepare people for it regardless. The end result is a package that's only alright in the end, and hard to recommend to even Gundam fans.

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Gundam Versus tries, without success, to creat the perfect videogame for the Gundam saga, but it only creates a mashup of gameplay and concept errors.

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I'm happy to finally have an official English release of Gundam Versus in my hands, but confused as to why it feels less feature rich than the last game. There's the amazing framework and attention to detail that makes this such a fun game to play, but there's just very little for you to sit down and actually put those gameplay systems to use in. Having a group of friends to duke it out with will add a lot more value to the experience, but without that, you're looking at a delicious burger that's missing a bun and maybe just has a little piece of lettuce on it.

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Even if you are not a fan of Gundam or even mecha games, Gundam Versus is a unique and complex multiplayer game that stands up on its own merits and if you play it enough, you may even end up a Newtype.

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Gundam Versus has turned out to be a fairly acceptable game. The title points all on the amount of unlockable elements and the charisma of the Gundam universe.

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A Gundam live-action film is REAL

A Gundam live-action film is REAL

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