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The Weaponographist

Puuba, Mastertronic
Apr 29, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for The Weaponographist

Speedy arena combat and a cartoon personality make The Weaponographist a retro-flavored dungeon worth crawling.

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[N]ot all is bad with The Weaponographist. I enjoy the basic gameplay, and the Saturday-morning cartoon-style visuals and light humor add to the fun. However, the lack of variety and poor design decisions make it seem like I'm the one that's cursed whenever I play.

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As a hypothetical free PlayStation Plus title, The Weaponographist would have some room to flourish as a mindless hack and slash game with a poorly implemented, but nonetheless existent, reward loop. But as it exists right now in its sole PC incarnation, there are many more titles worthy of your time -- including that 1000th run of Isaac you've been putting off.

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A witch's curse, charming graphics, and chaotic gameplay save this fast-paced but repetitive dungeon crawler 'The Weaponographist' from mediocrity. Just don't call it a roguelike.

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Fresh and engaging, The Weaponographist is a succinct package of roguelike goodness. If you need a quick fix of something new for a weekend, this weapon-breaking dungeon-delver will suit that need perfectly.

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The Weaponographist does enough things right that will appeal to gamers that are heavily into "The Binding of Isaac"-like dungeon crawlers. The gameplay compensates for the lessor elements of graphics, sound, and lack of personality. The Weaponographist won't be the most memorable game you will play but its strong elements do overshadow its shortcomings.

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The Weaponographist is a decent mix of Roguelike and arena brawler, but the controls are a bit stiff and there just isn't enough content or personality to put the game above its similarly-priced competitors.

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"The Weaponographist" honestly took me by surprise, as the challenge was one that was motivating, the music never grating, and while the art was a little disjointed, it's easily ignored because I just want to beat the boss. It's a truly fun game, and at a steal of a price that won't have you questioning the value for dollar.

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