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The Invisible Hours

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Based on 13 critic reviews
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Available on:HTC ViveOct 10, 2017
PlayStation VROct 10, 2017

Developer: Tequila Works

Publisher: Game Trust

Genre: Adventure

The Invisible Hours is a complex murder mystery in VR, in which players freely explore an intricate web of interwoven stories within a sprawling mansion.

A group of strangers receive a curious invitation from the enigmatic inventor, Nikola Tesla, offering each of them the chance to make amends for their darkest wrongdoings. When the last guest arrives at Tesla’s isolated mansion laboratory, they find him dead – murdered. Disgraced Swedish detective, Gustaf Gustav, vows to find the killer amongst the other guests: a blind butler, a convicted murderer, the world’s most famous actress, Tesla’s former assistant, the son of a wealthy railroad magnate, and rival inventor Thomas Edison. But none of these people are what they seem.

The player is invisible, with freedom to follow and observe anyone in the story – or to explore the mansion for hidden clues.

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No Recommendation / Blank

A brave VR murder mystery experiment inspired by immersive theatre, but the asking price is too high.

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7 / 10

The Invisible Hours is less about solving a murder and more about appreciating the interwoven stories of its compelling characters.

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7 / 10.0
Brett Makedonski

There's a complex narrative arcing across all of The Invisible Hours, and Tequila Works found a novel way to present it. It's the rare video game that requires no real player intervention to complete. But, the best possible payoff is a result of diligently following all the stories and getting a full picture of all the proceedings. By the end, you'll feel as if you cleverly solved this murder. In all actuality, you only watched the murder solve itself. That is The Invisible Hours' greatest theatrical feat.

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IGN Italy

7 / 10.0
IGN Italy

The Invisible Hours is not a game for everyone and is not even one of the most immersive VR titles recently seen, but as a narrative experience it's worth a lot.

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