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Kirby: Battle Royale

Nintendo, HAL Laboratory
Jan 19, 2018 - Nintendo 3DS

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Kirby: Battle Royale - Reveal Trailer - Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo Direct 9.13.2017 thumbnail

Kirby: Battle Royale - Reveal Trailer - Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo Direct 9.13.2017

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Critic Reviews for Kirby: Battle Royale

I'll admit right now I know I'm not the target demographic for this game. It's for kids, but just because something is aimed at a younger generation doesn't mean it shouldn't put forth its very best effort to be a worthwhile experience. This isn't a bad game and some of the activities can be quite fun when played with real people. But these sub-games have always been the side-dish to the single-player main course, and without a worthwhile entrée, Kirby Battle Royale feels deficient.

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While a fun distraction, there's little to recommend wholeheartedly when it comes to Kirby: Battle Royale. Its mini-games are well designed, but with a short Story Mode and limited replay value for its other modes, it becomes clear that this is not a stellar addition to an already bulging line-up. Kirby fans are probably better off saving for a Switch as the pink puffball is heading there next year.

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Kirby: Battle Royale is clearly meant to offer another bit of multiplayer-centric fun for 3DS owners, but nothing about it feels like a full-fledged offering. The short Story Mode and the repetitive nature of the mini games available make for a game that you probably won't come back to after you've exhausted what it has to offer. It's good to see more Kirby on the handheld, but with Kirby: Star Allies on its way on the Nintendo Switch, it doesn't offer a can't-miss Kirby experience by any means.

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A fun proposal on short burst but it's too shallow to be interesting for long.

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Kirby Battle Royale is a missed opportunity, too repetitive and short lived.

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Download play in Kirby Battle Royale will give a group a burst of fun, but after that it's unlikely you'll return for more.

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The pink puffball's latest adventure is simple, slight, and hardly worth its steep asking price

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Kirby Battle Royale has a great premise, but squanders almost all of its potential. There is simply too little content to justify its price point and everything can be completed in just a few hours. Online is lacking, as players are limited to only playing with strangers in ranked and can only play with friends if they do so locally. Despite being one of the only Kirby games without his famous inhale ability, Kirby Battle Royale kind of sucks.

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