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Available on:Nintendo 3DSJan 19, 2018

Developer: HAL Laboratory

Publisher: Nintendo

Genres: Action, Platformer

It’s every Kirby for himself in Kirby Battle Royale, a chaotic arena-based 3D fighting game for Nintendo 3DS family systems. Compete in a series of hectic multiplayer scuffles for up to four players and master a variety of unique Copy Abilities in a bid to come out on top! LET THE FESTIVITIES COMMENCE Ready to prove you’re the best Kirby there is? Show off your skills in 10 epic types of battle! Scramble for apples, protect your flag, and knock out the opposition in a collection of crazy solo and team-based matches. Get ready to rumble in the Battle types section FIGHT TO THE BEST OF YOUR COPY ABILITIES Find your fighting style in the Copy Abilities section Could you be the last Kirby standing? Step into the arena and become king of the ring in Kirby Battle Royale, only on Nintendo 3DS systems. Looking for more games starring the loveable pink puffball? Find out more about the Kirby series at our Kirby hub! GAME MODES Whether you’re after some frantic fights with friends, the top ranking spot online or the cake of Kirby’s dreams, there are lots of different ways to settle the score! Enter Dedede’s Cake Royale and take on countless colourful Kirby in arena-based 3D battles! Fight your way to the top of the tournament rankings to win the cake of Kirby’s dreams, and become the last Kirby standing. Ready to rumble? In Battle Mode, you can compete a series of brawls in either single-player or local multiplayer mode. Fight through a series of either one, three, five or 10 consecutive matches and adapt the rules to your liking. Plus, with one copy of the game, you can throw down with up to three friends via Download Play! Sick of finishing bottom of the pile? Toughen up in Training! Hone your skills in any of the 10 battle types, and master any Copy Abilities you’ve unlocked. Get ready to rumble in the Battle types section BATTLE TYPES Compete in a series of frantic battles to prove you’re the number one Kirby! You’ll need to team up and go head-to-head with up to three other players in all sorts of fun and competitive challenges. Let’s take a look at the 10 battle types below… Prepare for an all-out brawl! You’ll need to knock out your opponents in this manic, no-holds-barred melee fight. The Kirby with the highest KO count by the end of the round wins! Grab as many apples as you can in this crazy competitive collecting game! Steal apples from your foes, or collect them from the mini Whispy Wood, carry them to your team’s trapdoor, and drop them in to score points! How many apples can you scramble? Pair up to collect coins and try to avoid being hit by the other team. Watch out for the ghost that wanders around the arena – if it latches onto you, you’ll start losing coins! You can shake off this ghoul by running straight into any nearby players. The team with the most coins at the end of the round wins! Tussle for control of a chopper! Whoever’s in the driver's seat can deal damage to other players. However, if the chopper takes too much damage, you’ll be firmly ejected and the fight for control will begin again. Complete a variety of quick-fire tasks! Stand on the correct panel to answer a simple maths question, or simply hit your rivals before they hit you. The player who reaches the required number of victories first will be crowned the winner. Gather fuel for your rocket before the countdown begins, then jump inside your spacecraft before it takes off. Attack an opponent’s rocket to steal their fuel. The rocket that reaches the highest altitude wins. Team up to take down Robo Bonkers! Place rockets into a small cannon, then fire away! Robo Bonkers will eventually become stunned and slump forward, giving you the opportunity to inflict as much damage as possible. The player who causes the most damage will emerge victorious. Knock your rivals into next week in Slam Hockey! Hit or throw a giant puck at your enemies to score points. The puck can also bounce off walls and can send players flying if hits them hard enough, so watch out! All aboard the Ore Express! Gather ore as it falls from the sky and place it into train carts as quickly as possible. The bigger the piece of ore, the more value it will bring. Keep an eye out for golden train carts and Golden Ore to earn extra points. Compete to destroy the opposition’s flag pole! If your ball reaches your opponent’s flag…boom! Your team will win the point. Defend your flag pole by blocking the other team’s shots and try to muscle them off the ball. You can even carry the flag pole around with you in later rounds. Change your fighting style in the Copy Abilities section COPY ABILITIES Change your strategy before each battle by choosing from a range of unique Copy Abilities! Perform lightning-quick attacks with the Ninja ability, dish out a painful diagnosis with the Doctor ability, or whip your opponents into shape with the Whip ability. You’ll start out with the classic Sword ability, perfect for dealing with any enemies who get too close, but by winning fights and earning Battle Coins, you’ll unlock more. Master different move sets to transform your play style and dominate your rivals!

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I'll admit right now I know I'm not the target demographic for this game. It's for kids, but just because something is aimed at a younger generation doesn't mean it shouldn't put forth its very best effort to be a worthwhile experience. This isn't a bad game and some of the activities can be quite fun when played with real people. But these sub-games have always been the side-dish to the single-player main course, and without a worthwhile entrée, Kirby Battle Royale feels deficient.

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While a fun distraction, there's little to recommend wholeheartedly when it comes to Kirby: Battle Royale. Its mini-games are well designed, but with a short Story Mode and limited replay value for its other modes, it becomes clear that this is not a stellar addition to an already bulging line-up. Kirby fans are probably better off saving for a Switch as the pink puffball is heading there next year.

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Kirby: Battle Royale is clearly meant to offer another bit of multiplayer-centric fun for 3DS owners, but nothing about it feels like a full-fledged offering. The short Story Mode and the repetitive nature of the mini games available make for a game that you probably won't come back to after you've exhausted what it has to offer. It's good to see more Kirby on the handheld, but with Kirby: Star Allies on its way on the Nintendo Switch, it doesn't offer a can't-miss Kirby experience by any means.

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Kirby Battle Royale is a missed opportunity, too repetitive and short lived.

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