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Weak Man

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Available on:PlayStation 4Feb 23, 2018
PCFeb 23, 2018
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: Phantom 8 Studio

Publisher: Mayflower Entertainment

Genre: Action

Past Cure is a dark psychological thriller that blurs the lines between dreams and reality. An intense, cinematic, story-driven experience that challenges the player to use mind-bending mental abilities to survive. After years of torture, former elite soldier Ian lives in a safe house with his brother, struggling with memory loss and the effects of the experiments he was forced to endure. In an attempt to tap into the hidden power of the mind, his captors left him scarred with unrelenting nightmares, visions and unstable powers such as time manipulation and telekinesis. Driven by his desperate need for the truth and a thirst for revenge; Ian, aided by his brother, sets out on a thrilling hunt for the masterminds of this conspiracy, hoping to uncover exactly what was done to him and why? As Ian plunges into a criminal underworld in pursuit of his only lead, he is forced to use his powers more and more to survive. But with each use, his mind becomes ever more detached from reality, revealing the presence of an even darker force at play. Gameplay Features - A story driven supernatural thriller Past Cure is a cinematic, story driven experience where the player follows the struggle of a broken man searching for the missing pieces of his mind. With intense cutscenes and intriguing story items throughout the levels, the player can unravel a story that will keep them guessing til the end. Action vs. Stealth Be bold and engage your enemies with time bending gun battles and brutal jaw crunching combos. Or pick the stealthy approach where evasion tactics and slick stealth takedowns allow you to outsmart your enemies in silence. Choose the right approach to each situation as there are pros and cons to each playing style. Mind bending abilities Unleash the unlocked power of Ian’s mind against those who unlocked it. To truly master the Past Cure experience, players must utilise time manipulation and astral projection to gain an edge on opponents and overcome obstacles. Dreams vs reality Ians mind is torn between the gritty real world and the nightmarish horror of his dreams. Past Cure contrasts between the cold, brutal combat orientated levels of the real world, to the more puzzle solving and survival gameplay in the abstract dreamworlds.

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Past Cure never does anything special. Every time it tries to do something interesting, it immediately forgets about it and does something else. Don't get me wrong: it's not a bad thing to include a number of genres within one game. In fact, it can help keep it fresh if they serve as a breather from a strong central idea. The problem is that Past Cure has no strong central idea to take a break from or return to. Whether it's the initially compelling yet convoluted supernatural story or the interesting gimmicks that never leave the tech demo phase, it's a disorganized bundle of ideas that are never given a chance to develop into something out of the ordinary.

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Metro GameCentral

2 / 10
Metro GameCentral

One of the worst games of the generation, but at least it's an interesting failure – with almost comical attempts to mimic everything from Max Payne to Silent Hill.

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Past Cure wants to be something great, and that ambition is the only thing it has on its side. This is a game that is flawed to its core. The mangled story and shoddy design prevent any single aspect from ever sticking out as something special. Don't even risk taking a bargain bin flier on this one. You'll only end up frustrating yourself.

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Past Cure is a mixture of good intentions: unfortunately, it ends up putting too much flesh on the fire, and attempting to keep together various playful and narrative elements, it fails to deepen anyone. The result is a dull, tedious experience, with unjustified difficulty peaks and terribly long, boring sections.

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