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Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2

Claeys Brothers Arts, Crazy Monkey Studios
Mar 2, 2018 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2

Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 is a frequently fun, ultra-violent platform shooter that fans of the genre should investigate without delay - just don't expect it to offer much beyond its meagre duration.

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Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 is a worthwhile experience. It's the perfect game to plop down on the couch and run through in a weekend. Heck, you could probably even do it in a single sitting. There are plenty of weapons and enemy variety. But, be warned, the button layout isn't that inviting–and not remappable, either. Still, the game hits right in that sweet spot that an action platformer should hit. There's enough action to carry you through the game, with challenges and light exploration. It's a fun platformer with moments of ultraviolence and comedy. Sometimes the jokes miss their mark, but for the most part, it's the perfect helping of delicious goodness.

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What fans of the first game ultimately hankered for has made its way into this sequel, and quite rightly so, with this new title overcoming some of those baffling design decisions. Make no mistake, though, newcomers to the franchise will find it easy to get sucked into the small but impressionable world of Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2.

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Guns Gore and Canoli 2 is a worthy sequel, that can serve the same great ambience of the original, and improve the formula at the same time with the finest sense of humor and some surprises for the fans.

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8 / 10

If you are a fan of the first game, then Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 is right up your alley. This sequel improves on the formula, keeps the hectic action going from start to finish, and it features a nice story and a gorgeous art style that will make you feel as if you were playing an animated story. Once you get how the game controls, you will be shooting zombies dead in no time. Hopefully the game does well since I'd definitely be interested in a third Guns, Gore and Cannoli game, perhaps one in which the team adds a skill tree to spice things up!

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Running-and-gunning through the campaign was a blast and with co-op as an option, it gives more reason to revisit the relatively short campaign. Online matchmaking can be a bit of a hassle, but when it works, it works well. However, I thoroughly enjoyed what is offered as a single player experience.

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Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 is a great Run and Gun game, like the first game. Graphics are good and level design is brilliant but the Best part of the game is entertaining fun gameplay. There is a lot of weapon and all of them have their own unique performance. Of course if developers paid more attention to the story and Dialogues, and the game wasn't so short, it could be much better but in the end, Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 is an amazing game which absolutely worth your time and money.

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Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 is excellent. The classic side-scrolling shooting benefits greatly from the 360-degree aiming, giving you few to no limits in dealing carnage. The presentation is still solid, and the improved co-op mechanics make this a perfect game to play with friends. Shooting fans will have a blast with this one.

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