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Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo 3DSMay 25, 2018

Developer: Vanpool

Publisher: Nintendo

Genres: Action, Strategy

Experience life with Dillon at the post-apocalyptic frontier in Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers, only for Nintendo 3DS family systems! As the Red Flash himself, team up with your Amiimal and your squirrel sidekick Russ, to protect frontier villages in pulse-pounding battles where action meets tower defence. RED ALERT! Long ago, a cataclysmic event devastated the world, and survivors holed themselves up in The City and outlying frontier towns. Now, an army of supercharged Grocks has crashed into town from outer space to steal their livestock – the pig-like Scrogs. LIFE ON THE FRONTIER Prepare for battle! CITY BREAKERS Whether you’re recruiting new teammates or crafting weapons to use in battle, you’ll find everything a mercenary needs in The City. Stock up on items, make some serious cash with an honest day’s work, or kick back in minigames like the Hyper Arcade as your Amiimal! AMIIMAL KINGDOM If you have Mii characters stored on your Nintendo 3DS, you might even see some familiar Amiimal faces about town… But first, ready to battle? You’ll recruit a team of Amiimals to do your bidding – if you have Mii characters of friends and family on your Nintendo 3DS, they might just turn up as a Grock-rockin’ gun-for-hire! THE FLOW OF BATTLE Each encounter unfolds over several different phases – prepare for the onslaught by strategically positioning your team of Amiimal gunners based on their combat style, then take control of Dillon and get up close and personal with the enemy. It’s been several decades since the great destruction left the world in tatters, and now a hodgepodge of decaying buildings known only as The City remains the last bastion of hope. Take a look around, and you may just discover everything you need to save the world…

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Metro GameCentral

4 / 10
Metro GameCentral

One of the least-demanded Nintendo sequels of recent years has relatively high production values but it's still a dull, repetitive mix of tower defence and overly-simplistic action.

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The frequent moments of action and speed are exciting, but interactions with characters are overlong, and every level feels like you're going through a new unskippable tutorial

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Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers has some fantastic moments, but it more often succumbs to mundanity.

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I can't fathom a situation where fans of the franchise will be disappointed with Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers. The music is fantastic, the world well-realized, Dillion has never looked better, and the shift away from predominantly touch controls is a wise decision. This is a solid adventure through and through, and it gives me slight hope we'll see other forgotten eShop gems get another chance to shine in the future.

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