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Available on:PCJun 12, 2018

Publishers: Plug In Digital, PlayWay S.A., Movie Games S.A.

Genre: Horror

Jonathan Moon receives a letter from his wife who has gone missing a year before. Following information from the message he heads for a secluded mansion where an eldritch, occult ceremony takes place.Gates to another world - the profane, perverse land of Lusst’ghaa are opened. TWO WORLDS Move in both a Victorian mansion and Lusst’ghaa - an alien dimension filled with otherworldly creatures. Lusst’ghaa used to be similar to our earth until the local beings decided to undergo total degeneration at their own wish. Through experiments they transformed their bodies so that they could never cease to experience carnal delights. Hundreds of years have passed since that metamorphosis and Lusst’ghaa is now a land overgrown with alien vegetation and full of monstrosities squirming in a never ending ecstasy. FEATURES Erotic and occult themes World design inspired with works of Lovecraft, Giger & Zdzisław Beksiński Exploring a Victorian mansion and the world of Lusst’ghaa Using portals to traverse between two alternative realities Searching for hidden items to unlock side stories find out more about the game’s backstory Escaping the creatures of Lusst’ghaa Original soundtrack by a known composer (Draco Nared)

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Lust for Darkness is an erotic psychological horror that relies too heavily on the shock value of nudity and gore in a way that that isn't handled with any level of maturity or seriousness nor has the gameplay chops to back it up. A couple of cheap jump scares is all you'll really take away from this short budget title.

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Lust for Darkness is a decent horror-adventure game with strong visuals and satisfying mature themes, but the weak story and annoying gameplay quirks weaken the experience.

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It doesn’t take very long for Lust for Darkness to overplay its hand and reveal just what kind of horror game it really is; for all the shock value of seeing some Giger-esque creature with an overtly phallic head or yet another doorway shaped like genitalia, you realise it’s just that: hollow grotesquery employed for the sake of making you cringe.

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A disappointing foray into sex horror which does nothing interesting with either genre.

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