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Available on:PlayStation 4Jun 28, 2018
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: ARIKA CO.,LTD.

Genre: Fighting

FIGHTING EX LAYER - About 20 years have passed since you last saw them… EX series came back with the NEW system and changed into a NEW Fighting Game! Say goodbye to the complicated command input. The intuitive command called "Progressive" will make you play the exact way you want. Players used to traditional style are able to play by using "Classic" command input (but we recommend Progressive Mode!). Needless to say, there is Online play. Equipped Ranking system and Leader Board. Training Mode is also substantial. Also, there is "Casual Match" where you can fight with your friend 1 on 1 via the network! The original characters from our EX series have powered up and come back for the first time in about 20 years!! You get to see the NEW "Skullo Dream"! Lovely Hokuto changed to Beauty Shirase! The original characters: Kairi, Shirase, Hokuto, Garuda, Skullomania, Darun Mister, Allen Snider, Doctrine Dark, Blair Dame, Jack, Shadowgeist, Sanane, Hayate...and maybe more!? The new system called "GOUGI" is the key to play this game! By meeting certain requirements, the GOUGI will activate, and your character will gain new powers that last until the end of the match. 5 GOUGI make up 1 Deck, and each Deck is different. For example, in the case of using "Infinity" Deck; after activating Super Combos 10 times, you will be able to use Super Combos anytime you want! 5 types of GOUGI Decks are included by default, and other 10 types of Decks can be purchased by additional contents. The way you play will be changed by the GOUGI even with the same character. Find one that suits your playstyle and win!!

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Fighting EX Layer is a no-frills package, but the combat is top-notch.

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As someone who has been playing fighters for nearly three decades, I can get on board with Fighting EX Layer's lack of pageantry. What I can't accept quite as earnestly is its issue with roster playstyle diversity. The foundation is there, it just needs to be built up further.

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A deeply engaging fighter that resurrects the Street Fighter EX combat mechanics of yesteryear, Fighting EX Layer's lack of single-player content unfortunately make it difficult to recommend to folks who aren't rabidly engaged in its online multiplayer shenanigans, those who are however will find much to enjoy.

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Fighting EX Layer is a hard sell to casual fighting game fans.

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