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The Mooseman

Sometimes You, Mikhail Shvachko, Vladimir Beletsky
Feb 17, 2017 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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The Mooseman - Nintendo Switch Release Trailer [NOA]

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Critic Reviews for The Mooseman

The Mooseman is a unique, significant, and often beautiful indie game that proves there's room in the video game space for all kinds of different experiences. There's every chance you won't have heard of the Perm region of Russia or its pagan mythology, but this is a game that places you within its traditions and iconography with sympathetic artistry.

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As a game, The Mooseman falters, but its atmosphere, tone, and storytelling all take huge strides to make up for the lacklustre gameplay. All-in-all, it's certainly not bad, and I don't feel guilty recommending it.

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The Mooseman is a game that feels like it accomplishes what it sets out to do, for the most part.

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Overall, The Mooseman is a wonderfully crafted adventure puzzle game that has stunning music and visuals. It's apparent that Morteshka put a lot of research, time, and care into the game. While it may seem too short to some, I feel that it is the perfect length to explore these myths of old. I found The Mooseman to be a work of art and an ingenious way to explore a tale that was woven in perfectly with the game's different puzzles.

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If you're the type to burn through the Louvre in an hour and wait for your companions in the cafe, The Mooseman may well try your patience. If you're more inclined to wander around with an audio guide, reading every accompanying plaque and information card, you'll likely enjoy its sedate pace, workaday puzzles and catalogue of artefacts. A clumsy UI seriously hampers the experience but, if you're willing to work around the irritations at its core, it offers an interesting, sometimes beautiful journey.

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A parallax scrolling edutainment title, heavy on interesting lore but light on engaging gameplay.

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The Mooseman is an interesting experience for patient players. It doesn't pose a challenge, but offers a chance to learn about another culture's mythology – and all of this with really great soundtrack.

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Unknown Author

The Mooseman feels like a set of cave paintings that have come to life

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