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Danger Zone 2

Three Fields Entertainment
Jul 12, 2018 - PC

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8.2 / 10
Game Informer
7 / 10
5.5 / 10
8 / 10
IGN Spain
7 / 10
IGN Italy
7 / 10
God is a Geek
8 / 10
PlayStation LifeStyle
6 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Danger Zone 2

Danger Zone 2 is exactly what I wanted the first Danger Zone to be: the true follow-up to Burnout's classic Crash mode that EA won't give me. It's not as fully fleshed out or polished as my dream game of this type would be, but as a self-contained and one-note smash-up it shines like a spectacular fireball explosion. Now how about reviving the rest of Burnout? Road Rage mode, anyone?

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Including gameplay objectives before the big intersection crashes is an addition as fun as the set pieces themselves

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Danger Zone 2 has all the groundwork set to make an explosive comeback for Burnout, but Three Fields Entertainment just needs to up its quality control. Also, how do we still not have Kenny Loggins on the soundtrack?!

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For fans of Ward, Sperry and Ross' previous work, Danger Zone 2 is the closest we've come to a new Burnout experience in years. Crashing into things hasn't lost any of its base appeal, and while we're waiting for Dangerous Driving to bring things full circle, this is more than worthy of your time.

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Danger Zone 2 rights some wrongs of the first game, but not all of them, making this game an interesting proposal with some room to keep on improving.

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A good sequel of the ideal game for the Burnout's orphans, or at least the Crash mode ones.

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It's great to see crashing as a major game mechanic back with a bang, Danger Zone 2 is the smash ‘em up we've been waiting for since PS2 era Burnout.

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Beyond the addictive, puzzle-like challenge of hitting those high scores, there's a fantastic sense of speed here. When you're belting around in the F1 car, just scraping past trucks and getting through minuscule gaps in the traffic, things feel suitably rewarding. It's just such a kick in the airbags that for every time that feeling reveals itself, there are two more times when you'll be frustrated by one of Danger Zone 2's bugs or general inconsistencies.

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