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Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars

Jul 17, 2018 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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Far Cry 5: Post Launch | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Critic Reviews for Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars

Fighting bugs on Mars is a repetitive exercise only enlivened by the presence of your chatty pal Hurk.

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Lost On Mars is a strange choice for a Far Cry 5 expansion, and this risky change of scenery doesn't pay off. While it does feature a hilarious fan-favorite character, I just wish the gameplay was as inventive as the dialogue and gun nomenclature. It's too bad Ubisoft couldn't find a way to make an alien world feel more interesting than the Montana countryside. Even with the addition of a jetpack, lasers, and alien bugs this planet feels dull as red dirt. If you didn't buy the season pass, the trip to Mars hardly seems worth it.

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While this DLC has the kind of silliness I'd like to see the Far Cry series confidently embrace and it mostly sounds good on paper, the end result is bare-bones. Lost on Mars feels like a middle-of-the-road effort when it could've been so much more substantial and imaginative. The premise deserves better.

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An interesting twist on the Far Cry formula that fails to offer enought variety on its action to keep players interested during its 5 hours campaign.

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A fun adventure with two of the best characters from Far Cry 5, Lost on Mars is a quick jaunt to the Red Planet with more hits than misses.

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Lost on Mars is a decent sci-fi distraction from the main game, but it fails to really introduce any new ideas. The irreverent story is fine but isn't particularly memorable, and the silly humour accompanying the action misses more than it hits. The combat can be fun and frustrating in equal measure, while the various things to do don't exactly inspire. It's perfectly serviceable, but despite being set millions of miles away on our neighbouring planet, it's hard to shake the feeling we've been here before.

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Though still far from essential, Lost on Mars has enough humor and charm that it can paper over some of the cracks of its ho-hum Far Cry-lite experience. Fans of Far Cry 5 who still can't get enough of Ubi's mammoth open-world shooter will invariably find much to enjoy here, but others looking a fresh approach will be disappointed.

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If you're on the fence with this one, you won't miss anything should you choose to pass.

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