GALAK-Z: Variant S

Jul 12, 2018 - Nintendo Switch

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Galak-Z: Variant S E3 2018 trailer

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Critic Reviews for GALAK-Z: Variant S

Galak-Z: Variant S just feels a bit soulless, as someone who has played the original. Where that game was sleek and well designed, this feels basic and haphazard. The Switch would have been far better served by a port of the first game, and when you add microtransactions into the mix you get a spoiled experience and a somewhat tainted memory of a better time for the series.

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Galak-Z may not have the most jaw-dropping storyline or complex gameplay, but it is still greatly worth the playthrough — especially since it comes at no charge to you.

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Galak-Z: Variant S is a more focused and tighter experience than its forerunner, but one that offers surprising depth thanks to the often staggering upgrade opportunities on offer. By taking the freemium route developer 17-Bit Studios has been forced to introduce timers which can be overridden by spending actual cash, but these are thoughtfully deployed and even if you do decide to dig deep in your pocket, you'll still need considerable shooting skills to overcome the increasingly stern - if somewhat repetitive - challenge.

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Galak-Z: Variant S is an interesting mobile 2D action space adventure that feels right at home on the Switch as a casual title for playing on the way to work or on the train. Unfortunately, although the art style and gameplay are well put together and fun to play, the microtransactions severely hinder the experience.

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Galak-Z: Variant S is a beautiful game, I just wish it did not feel so repetitive in its gameplay.

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Galak-Z: Variant S is a simple shooter that is fun in short stints. The controls are fun, the level design is outstanding, but the motivating factors of the game, which include upgrades, needs to be improved a little before it becomes great. As it stands right now, it's a good space shooter with some potential for improvement in the future.

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Don't think that playing offline is a clever way of avoiding big brother, you can't get past the title screen without an internet connection so portable for most is not an option. But wait, what about that opt-out button in the settings, well clicking on that doesn't actually opt you out from data collection, it's just a cruel reminder that if you don't want to be tracked than you can't play. All of this is essentially a reminder that you get what you pay for, and I would probably just save my money.

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