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Cosmic Top Secret

Nov 15, 2018 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Cosmic Top Secret

Meticulously researched and brimming with creativity, Cosmic Top Secret is a wonderful concept in search of a better game.

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Cosmic Top Secret is let down by rudimentary and frustrating gameplay which stifles some otherwise fine investigative journalism.

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Cosmic Top Secret is a fun adventure/puzzle game. The odd presentation may strike some as just being weird, but I think it's quirky enough to be both different and engaging. If you are geared more toward action games, this may not be your thing. But if you like detective stories, this is a good option.

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What is a family? In Cosmic Top Secret, it's an intriguing little pile of secrets - from personal histories to information of national interest. Join Agent T in her mission to piece together interviews, old photos, and even declassified intelligence reports, in order to uncover how an ordinary family's history can be woven from incredible stories.

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Cosmic Top Secret is a conflicting experience. On the one hand, the story is excellent. Even with the meandering parts, the narrative is fun, and you uncover endearing characters that are a joy to watch. On the other hand, while the unique presentation pulls you in, the clunky controls and inconsistent platforming bring you back out. It's still worth checking, provided you aren't easily flustered by the gameplay mechanics.

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If you want to play something out of the ordinary, you certainly can't go wrong with the very intriguing Cosmic Top Secret.

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They have not seen eyes, nor felt hearts, the fervent and extremely disconcerting experiences that Trine Laier offers us in her journey delving into the past and the soul of her parents. The weird is cool; the weirdest is fascinating; but to get excited we need more. And Cosmic Top Secret has it, along with tons of cardboard and paper, our Friend? Marco's imaginary monkey, and the always useful grenades given to us by Dad's friend.

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An investigative autobiographical game exploring cold war espionage through the effect that that had on a family, Cosmic Top Secret is a fascinating concept that combines stark reality with Monty Python-esque eccentricity. The content of the game is captivating, following one woman’s quest to uncover her parent’s classified history. It’s a shame that the moments between the engrossing revelations often feel clunky or rote.

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