Falling Skies: The Game

Little Orbit
Sep 30, 2014 - Wii U, PC

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4 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Falling Skies: The Game

Falling Skies is a functional, unattractive, and uninspired XCOM clone.

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Even through mimicking XCOM's tactical gameplay and utilizing the setting of the popular TNT series as a reference point for the campaign, Falling Skies: The Game feels about ten years too late to impress. Currently, there's nothing else that delivers a tactical shooter of this kind on Wii U, which is something of a selling point. Unfortunately what it delivers is a bland, watered-down version of the genre that even hardcore fans will probably want to stay away from.

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Falling Skies is a turned based strategy game, and that is about the best thing that you can say about it. Competent yet wholly unremarkable, this is a title that fails to excite in any way and does nothing to distinguish itself from any of the other, similar titles on the market.

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There's no soul to Falling Skies. It's a generic, cheap turn based tactics game. It lacks any identity of its own, fails to represent its license, and fails to understand what made the game it copied its base mechanics from so great. And as such I can't really recommend it to anyone.

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Falling Skies: The Game on Nintendo Wii U eShop is so lacking in every regard, and overall terribly bland, that it is easy to get distracted from actually playing it. Not from any sort of disorder but, rather, a desire to do something else just to relieve the boredom. Everything is simply incompetently put together to a degree that seems nigh-legendary. This is the sort of game that, several generations ago, could only be known as a rumour told by a friend of a friend whose brother once heard about the game existing. To be fair, Little Orbit's title isn't actually 'terrible' so much as it is just… boring. The only thing saving this from the lowest rating is that the game that was ripped off was somewhat decent but, otherwise, it's just one that will lie forgotten in the back corners of the net. That kitty with the butterfly filing taxes is more deserving of attention than this.

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Falling Skies: The Game is flawed. But I enjoyed it just the same.

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