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One Piece: Unlimited World Red

Bandai Namco Games, Ganbarion
Jul 8, 2014 - Wii U, Nintendo 3DS

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Critic Reviews for One Piece: Unlimited World Red


7 / 10.0

One Piece Unlimited World Red offers simple but refined brawler play, and boasts attractive anime-styled scenery throughout, though it still eventually runs out of tricks to conceal the fact that it's a repetitive beat-em-up. The only thing close to a puzzle to be found is the tricky goals to be met in tougher side-quests, and those still require the same combat and exploration skills. But with a mix of varied characters, as well as three difficulty options and a slew of side-missions and Battle Coliseum challenges, Unlimited World Red is not short on ways to extend your play.

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One Piece Unlimited World Red offers great combat, even if the battles occur in dull places.

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For what it is, One Piece: Unlimited World Red is a solid game.

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One Piece Unlimited World Red is a very standard action game that won't excite masters of the genre, but it has more than enough charm to make up for its simplicity. It also certainly helps that it's an original story, so hardcore fans of the manga or show will want to get in on Red even at a discount just to experience more Straw Hat goodness.

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If One Piece is a series you follow, my words aren't going to impact your choice to buy this. But if, like me, you're new to the series, Unlimited World Red is surprisingly enjoyable. It's all silly and over the top, full of daft enemies and exaggerated characters, and it positively screams "I am a game! Have fun with me!" Sometimes, though, that's exactly what you want.

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I have more good memories than bad with One Piece: Unlimited World Red, but speaking frankly this still isn't the title to pull the series from its pit of "okay experiences". It's more than a step in the right direction, it's a big jump forward and can be engaging and fun for the right people, but it's still not the well-polished and considerate creation the franchise needs to really make an impression on the videogame market. I really want this series to have a solid hit, but this still isn't quite the one.

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Of course, I would have to recommend this game to the One Piece fans. It is possibly the best One Piece game out there, and most certainly the best one I have played. Yes, the camera is a wild animal that sometimes refuses to be tamed and the simplistic combat can get slightly boring at times, but the amount of different content mixed with tons of different characters makes it an interesting game to try out, even for non-One Piece fans. It's just a decent game overall.

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Fans should know that they won't have to scour the seven seas to find the treasures that One Piece: Unlimited World Red has buried beneath its somewhat rough exterior. Alas, even if you're not an honorary member of the Straw Hats, Luffy's latest outing proves to be an accessible, well rounded, and enjoyable action RPG – although we daresay that the title's tried and tested gameplay structure would better suit the handheld version of the release.

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