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The Last Friend

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General Information

Available on:PC2019

Developer: The Stonebot Studio

Publisher: Ludus Games

Genre: Strategy

In a not too distant Post-Apocalyptic future, only a man and his turrets stay in between the weirdest hordes of enemies and his RV. Literally beat your way through everything and everyone to protect your precious cargo, your doggos, and truly become a dog’s best and last friend. The game’s storyline follows the aftermath of a worldwide chemical war that few humans survive. The remaining humans are divided into two factions: Survivors, who are trying to rebuild the world in a sustainable way, and Mutants, who are doing just the opposite. Our main character defends a mobile shelter where he cares for his canine friends – especially now that dogs have become a food source for mutants, The Last Friend must keep hordes of mutants at bay by using an array of traps, turrets and his very own fists, to be able to succeed, in this personal quest of saving puppies, players will have to balance their attack and defense tactics to protect their mobile dog shelter. Features Dynamic comic style and animations Nostalgic feeling that echoes classic arcade Beat’em-ups Each rescued dog shares a unique trait with our hero, which then can be equipped as a perk to improve his skills. Fast-paced fight mechanics, the real essence of a Beat ’em-up game – from basic dodges, grabs and jabs, to special attacks and combos. Equip your characters with different perks to channel their skills and customize your fighting style. A multi-tasking experience that merges strategy and action for all those dog-lover players out there!

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