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Element: Space

Inca Games, Sixth Vowel
Feb 14, 2019 - PC

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PlayStation Universe
4 / 10
Screen Rant
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RPG Site
4 / 10
4 / 10
The Digital Fix
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Element Space Teaser 2 - 2018

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Critic Reviews for Element: Space

Element Space looked like such a fun game to play but ended up being a nightmare. In 2020 your game shouldn't be crashing every hour of playtime Element Space simply isn't optimized and need a lot more time in the testing stages.

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Tactics game Element Space's port to the PlayStation 4 is something of a failure to launch, with poor presentation and stability in a crowded genre.

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RPG Site

Dani Maddox
4 / 10
RPG Site

While having clear intentions and ideas, this port fails to deliver on a grand scale

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Element Space had choices that impacted the game like Mass Effect which I liked. Unfortunately, there were many bugs that caused the game time to be funny, frustrating, and annoying. A good game is there somewhere but the problems need to be fixed.

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If you miss the days of old school BioWare (back when BioWare were still good) then Element Space may be operating on the exact retro wavelength for you.

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If Element Space worked as intended, it would be a fairly bland but otherwise playable tactical RPG. You know, one of those games that you might pick up because its 75% off on Steam. A game that you wouldn’t quite call “good,” but it isn’t so bad that you’d go through the trouble of asking Father Gaben for a refund. Unfortunately, “doesn’t work as intended” is the definition of “normal” for Element Space.

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Good tactical RPG, especialy for modest and console players, however gamepad is not very comfortable.

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There are some really cool ideas here, and potentially a really good game hidden under a mess that seems like it needed several more months of playtesting and hammering things out. There are just too many things like a lack of polish, a mess of a UI, the camera is hard to control, and bugs/glitches make the experience frustrating. It is sad because, while there are some cool things in here, it simply is not ready for release at this point. It needed way more time actually making sure the core experience is enjoyable, rather than fighting through nearly everything except for enemies.

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