War Theatre Reviews

War Theatre is ranked in the 60th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
7 / 10.0
Mar 25, 2019

Excellent turn-based strategy game, highly reminiscent to Advance Wars. Beautiful, highly detailed artwork that can sometimes be too 'busy' for the eye. Interesting storyline and world building that I want to see more of in the future. All told, a game that will absolutely lull you into playing 'just one more turn'.

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7.8 / 10.0
Sep 27, 2017

War Theatre for the Nintendo Switch is a tough hoss of a turn-based game, which harkens back to the day of Dragon Force and Advance Wars, though not quite as perfect as those games. It ups the ante of difficulty, while requiring you to think before you move, or else you're in for a long day. It's a challenge, but a welcomed one.

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Apr 10, 2019

War Theatre made me initially hesitant but once I got to grips with its challenging and rewarding gameplay, I was hooked.

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6 / 10.0
Apr 4, 2019

In the game you’ll take control of one of seven heroes, each of whom controls an army of units that are the same across the board...

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5.9 / 10.0
May 12, 2020

War Theater is a strategy game that combines different boards in the form of maps with simple gameplay. A great character design and a very characteristic artistic section make it a good option to start in the genre.

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7 / 10
Apr 3, 2019

There are plenty of rough edges that prevent War Theatre from being a true classic of the genre, but I had a lot of fun playing it and it’s definitely a significant step up for developer Arcade Distillery.

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