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Knytt Underground

nifflas, Ripstone
Dec 19, 2013 - Wii U

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Critic Reviews for Knytt Underground

There are plenty of irreverent characters to talk to, fetch quests to give a limited sense of purpose/achievement, and a nice split between breezy and tough areas, but all the same, you'll likely want to take more frequent breaks than in chapters one and two. Interest will dry out more quickly, especially if you focus on the story, which is either trying to be "so stupid that it becomes awesome," is designed to make you hate stories in games, or both. Either way, Knytt Underground is brilliantly-designed 2D platformer that offers a ton of content. Just don't think about the story too much. "blah blah blah blah blah" indeed. 

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Twinfinite Staff
3 / 5.0

 Knytt Underground, however, fails to give that reason to keep playing. If you're looking for stylish games that simply exude an air of mystery and darkness, then this game might be exactly what many players are looking for. But if you need some substance to back up all that style, then this game might not be as tightly knit as it needs to be.

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If you're game for the challenge in both gameplay and simply understanding what Knytt Underground is trying to achieve, then dive in.

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If I were to describe Knytt Underground in one word, it would be \"contradictory.\" In some ways, it\'s everything I could hope for in a metroidvania-style game: it\'s beautiful, intuitive, clever, and most importantly, fun. For large portions of the game, you are pulled into an almost dreamlike state, exploring the massive world and marveling at the eerie ambiance. It\'s then that the game truly shines. But then, it turns around to have horribly unfitting dialogue and characters that pull you out of the experience that the developers work so hard to involve you in while the game simultaneously grows more and more tedious.

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Knytt Underground is an odd game, and certainly a polarizing one, as some will greatly enjoy its ambiance and exploration-heavy gameplay, while others won't be able to overlook its terrible story and dialogue sections.

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Knytt Underground is quite a spectacle with great looking environments and solid gameplay mechanics. The game has its share of faults, but with that being said, it is worth your time if you only to see the large world that Nifflas has created. That is enough to keep you playing for the ten hours that it lasts.

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All things considered, Knytt Underground is still a fantastic game. I thoroughly enjoyed spelunking through the game's massive world, and even though the story can get lackluster, it does excel when it tackles its religious themes. Knytt Underground is an excellent addition to the eShop, and is perfect for anyone looking for a solid Metroidvania on Wii U

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Knytt Underground is for gamers who value exploration over combat. It is for those who enjoy small bouts of platforming and platforming puzzles that don't involve too many switches. It isn't for those who enjoy profound messages or meaning in their games. Unless you need to take out your aggression on digital foes while conquering seemingly impossible platforming obstacles, I'd recommend Knytt Underground.

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