Anodyne 2: Return to Dust Reviews

Anodyne 2: Return to Dust is ranked in the 48th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
6.5 / 10.0
Mar 29, 2021

Anodyne 2: Return to Dust is a unique 3D and 2D story with many gameplay mechanics. However, the controls may be finicky, and the game can get repetitive after a while.

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5 / 10.0
Mar 31, 2021

This game is not ordinary. Some players will be contented, but others will be bored.

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75 / 100
May 12, 2021

Anodyne 2: Return to Dust offers us an interesting platform and adventure title that is very reminiscent of the Zelda saga in many of its aspects. Its playability combining 3D and 2D aspects is very effective and original, with very imaginative designs that makes us feel in a dream world with a very successful feeling. Its retro look directly appeals to the nostalgia of those old PSX titles and offers a very good feeling to the player.

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8 / 10
May 17, 2021

Anodyne 2: Return to Dust is an unusually captivating experience. The way the developers mix and match various gaming tropes shouldn't work, and yet the absurd narrative and overall aesthetic binds perfectly. If you're looking for something completely different, make sure you check out Anodyne 2.

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Jul 15, 2021

Anodyne 2 is a narrative-focused action-adventure title with puzzles, combat, and exploration. Rid New Theland of Dust and learn about the residents as you venture inside them to cleanse their souls. Anodyne 2 offers substantial social commentary and will leave the audience thinking about and reconsidering their life choices.

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65 / 100
Nov 12, 2021

This is a pretty hefty title as well when it comes to content, as there are plenty of worlds to discover, numerous places to go, and lots of cards and dust to collect throughout the journey. There are some bizarre design decisions, and the disappointing map in the 3D world makes traveling much harder than it should be. However, everything does work, the story is engaging, and there is a lot to chew on here, but this is one of those titles that is simply not going to please everyone, especially in every way. I do recommend Anodyne 2: Return to Dust within reason, as I do believe it is a good game overall, but this may be an easier pill to swallow when the price is discounted.

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Drew Hurley
Top Critic
6 / 10
Aug 30, 2022

An experimental experience that feels like it tries too hard with its surrealism and strangeness, to the point it actually negatively affects what it was trying to do. There are some wonderful experiences in both the 2D and 3D worlds, and there's something of a coherent story lurking in the forced quirkiness, but the pacing, combined with the nonsensical aspects hold this back from being something a little more.

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