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Anodyne 2: Return to Dust

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Game Information

Available on:PCAug 12, 2019

Developers: Sean Han Tani, Marina Kittaka, Analgesic Productions

Genres: Adventure, RPG

RESCUE A MYSTERIOUS ISLAND FROM A MIND-WARPING PLAGUE Nano Dust infects the islanders of New Theland, distorting their emotions and desires. You play as Nova, a Nano Cleaner who must explore the island, seeking out the sick and shrinking inside their bodies to suction up the Dust. Anodyne 2: Return to Dust combines the thrilling scale and cinematic storytelling of 3D games with the tight design and easy-to-pick-up satisfaction of 2D Zelda-like adventures. With art that re-imagines the PS1 and N64 era, explore 3D cities, valleys, and wastelands then shrink into the varied 2D mindscapes of characters, from snowy, aurora-lit valleys to perilous volcanic construction sites! FEATURES In 3D, jump, drive, and walk across gorgeous and haunting locales, speaking with strange and memorable characters. In 2D, use your Nano Vacuum to collect dust, suck up and fight enemies, all while overcoming mind-bending challenges related to the characters’ inner lives. Experience the thrilling and emotional story of Nova. Her destiny is clear: she is the Nano Cleaner who will save New Theland. But strange characters & painful experiences will put her loyalty to the test... Choose where you want to go! The sweeping vistas of New Theland quickly open up to exploration. The Cards you find on your journey will allow you to access the outer reaches of New Theland. No waiting for horses! Instantly transform into a car to quickly drive around the world. Use your Spark to shrink into the bodies of the infected, explore the 2D Zelda-like dungeons within, and heal them. Enjoy the lush, dreamy and breathtaking 3D and 2D landscapes painted and pixeled by artist Marina Kittaka. Listen to over 50 new songs influenced by countless genres by Sean Han Tani, perfectly fitting the varied landscapes of Anodyne 2. A new game from the dream duo behind Anodyne 1, All Our Asias, and Even the Ocean. A LUSH, SURREAL LO-FI 3D AND 2D WORLD Anodyne 2: Return to Dust uses modern technology to reimagine old 3D art of the PS1, PS2, and N64 era, as well as the 2D art of the GBA and SNES. Each area captures a strong visual mood, with new characters to meet and sights to see.If you like exploring beautiful places and experiencing dramatic stories - Anodyne 2's world is ready for you to explore!

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Anodyne 2: Return to Dust - Release Trailer (Available now!)

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Anodyne 2: Return to Dust - Gameplay Trailer (Available now!)

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Anodyne 2: Return to Dust - Launch Trailer (Available now!)


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A one-of-a-kind splicing of PS1 with 16-bit aesthetics and formal conventions, streaked with self-aware humour, sorrow and yearning.

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Anodyne 2: Return to Dust is a testament that indies can go where AAA fears to tread. A unique concept supported by strong gameplay that evolves frequently enough to keep you playing- right until it ends all too soon. At the bottom of it all, there is nothing quite like it.

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7 / 10

While just a 10 to 15-hour adventure, more crazy things happen in Anodyne 2: Return to Dust than in any other 100-hour RPG. What starts as a simple 3D explorer/platformer and Zelda-esque dungeon crawler, soon turns into a journey through a realm that is otherworldly beyond any doubt, and yet manages to feel so familiar... like a faint memory, or a place you paid a visit in your sleep. It's not a game that was designed to be experienced by everyone, yet everyone is advised to experience it, if only for its beautiful, vintage PS1 visuals.

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